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    Most Popular Video Games You Can Play

    You probably know the most popular video games if you are a fan or connected to the gaming world. Yes, there are a number of video games out online in years, from the modern multi-player action games to the classic ones. However, which ones do you think will really hook you? Top Video Games for You Here, we […] More

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    10 of the Most Popular TV Shows

    With the limited movements we have these past few months, and most have been confined home, bet you have been binge-watching. You would probably know the most popular TV shows now. Listed below are the top in the list. WandaVision This is a mini-series detailing the happy marriage of superheroes Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch and Vision. Its events took […] More

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    10 Most Interesting and Popular Soccer Pitches in the World

    It’s yet uncertain as to when will be the next soccer match with the threat of COVID-19. Teams cannot even play with their mates with the self-isolation and social distancing health protocols of the government anywhere in the world. But when all of this is over and everyone is free to go out again without restrictions, surely all […] More

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    22 of The Most Popular Cartoon Characters

    Few things are more difficult to do than list the most popular cartoon characters. After all, a person needs to take into consideration many unique personalities and other qualities. Here are a few cartoon characters from the past and present that are known to be favorites. 1. Scooby-Doo Solving mysteries is Scooby-Doo’s profession, but he needs his charming […] More

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    Most Popular Beers in the World

    Beer, as we know it, is a beloved alcoholic beverage anywhere in the world. Some countries even consider it already part of their culture. There are now a lot of beers in the market but finding the most popular beers would be a bit difficult. Let’s navigate the famous brews in the world today. Fill your glass with […] More

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    Halloween Candies: 30 of the Most Popular

    The only thing better than candy is free candy. We all (kids and adults) wait all year long for Halloween to come so that we can fill our baskets with our favorite treats. The best houses or trunks have full-size candy bars, skittles, and Twix, and more. Experienced trick or treaters know just where to go to find […] More

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    Unknown or More Niche Horror Movies

    There are several scary movies we may all have known and seen. They are the popular ones and easy to list down when asked about these films. However, there are unknown or more niche horror movies that deserve your attention. Top 10 More Niche Horror Films Here are some movies you might want to watch if you are […] More