The Most Popular Engagement Rings

As a woman, it’s important to find an engagement ring that fits your style and personality. The right piece can help you feel confident and comfortable while celebrating your new relationship.

most popular engagement rings

With so many engagement ring styles now available, it’s hard to decide which one to choose. We’ve rounded up the popular engagement rings that are sure to make a statement.

1. Solitaire

most popular engagement rings

There’s a reason why solitaire engagement rings remain one of the most popular diamond ring designs. Their simplicity means they’re suitable for a wide variety of diamond shapes and sizes, while their timeless style means they’ll never go out of fashion.

If you want a classic look, choose a solitaire ring with a round diamond as your center stone. But if you’re interested in a more contemporary design, opt for a solitaire ring with a fancy-cut diamond. This can include cushion, oval, radiant, and emerald cuts, as well as some of the more unusual shapes.

Regardless of the diamond shape you choose, solitaires will allow more light to pass through the center stone, resulting in enhanced sparkle. This is due to the lack of other gems surrounding the center stone, making it possible to capture more rays of light and ensuring that your center diamond sparkles as brightly as it can.

You can also personalize a solitaire engagement ring by choosing a different metal or replacing the diamond with a gemstone like a sapphire, emerald, ruby, or other colorless stone. These changes give you the flexibility to create a unique, personalized look that’s sure to be a hit with your loved one.

A prong setting is the most common type of setting for solitaires, but you can also find tension or bezel settings. They all have a set of tiny metal claws that grip the diamond tightly, but prongs can be pointed, rounded, flat, or V-shaped (the latter being most common for Princess Cut diamonds).

If you’re concerned about your future spouse’s jewelry collection, choose a solitaire engagement ring that won’t clash with other rings in her collection. It’s also a good idea to store the ring back in its original case or a small, lint-free bag when it isn’t being worn. This will help keep it looking its best, as well as protect other pieces of jewelry from damage.

2. Halo

A halo engagement ring is one of the most popular choices for today’s modern bride. It’s a glamorous style that has soared in popularity over the years thanks to its celebrity following. In 2010, Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with two halo rings: a stunning blue sapphire center stone and a halo of round-cut diamonds.

These rings are timeless and can be a great option for brides on a budget. They can also make a smaller center stone look more substantial, even if it’s only a quarter, third or a half carat in size.

If your partner is a gemstone lover, she’ll appreciate the opportunity to show off her center gemstone in a diamond engagement ring in a unique way. Halo engagement rings can be made with a variety of gems, including rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and more.

For a more dramatic impact, opt for a double or triple halo setting. These settings feature two or three rows of pave diamonds surrounding the center stone.

You can also consider a split shank halo design. This ring has two paths that split as they get closer to the center stone, creating more of a modern take on this classic style.

Another popular halo option is rose gold. The delicate hues of this precious metal are perfect for complementing center gemstones or diamonds and making it one of the most popular ring styles amongst brides.

The most popular shape for a diamond halo ring is the round cut. However, you can also choose princess diamond halos and cushion-shaped halos for a more vintage look. For a truly elegant piece, you may want to try out a curved or angled shape like a hexagonal halo. With a little creativity, you can create a truly one-of-a-kind halo that will be sure to impress her.

3. Three-Stone

Three-stone engagement rings are one of the most popular styles among brides. They come in a range of sizes and can be set with any type of gemstone. Some couples choose a combination of diamonds and colored stones while others may choose to incorporate birthstones or colored gemstones themselves that have a special meaning for the couple.

The most popular three-stone ring settings feature a large center diamond or gem and two smaller stones on either side of it. The sides are often outlined with small diamonds or halos for additional sparkle.

This style is perfect for brides who want a bigger look without compromising on comfort or wearability. It is also great for couples who are on a budget and are interested in incorporating more stones into their popular engagement ring style or design.

While most rings in this set feature round diamonds, emerald-cut, princess-cut, cushion and oval-cut gems work well for this style. You can also add trilliant-shaped side stones for a classic look.

You can also incorporate a variety of precious stones into your ring, including rubies, sapphires and more. This is a great way to create a personalized ring that is uniquely yours.

These rings come in a wide range of carat weights, ranging from 1/4 to over 2 carats. These rings are a beautiful option for those seeking a striking look on their finger, but they can be expensive.

If you’re on a tight budget, choosing a three-stone ring with side baguettes will save you money. You can even find vintage rings that feature smaller diamonds for a more affordable price.

4. Oval

Oval engagement rings are the most ever popular engagement ring shape of choice for couples who prefer a classic design. They’re also a timeless option that will stand the test of time and are sure to become a lasting symbol of your commitment to one another.

Diamonds are a popular choice for oval engagement rings, but there are many other options to choose from as well. Sapphires, emeralds, and rubies are also great alternatives to diamonds colored diamond engagement rings. Emeralds, in particular, are becoming increasingly popular in fine fashion jewelry thanks to their vibrant color and the fact that they can be paired with many different colors of gemstones.

Depending on your personal style, you may want to opt for a more opulent style with a vintage-inspired design or a more modern look with a contemporary design. You can even add a hidden halo of pave diamonds around your center stone for a striking look!

You can even choose a unique oval-shaped ring that has an east-west setting and multiple round side stones! It’s sure to get a lot of “oohs and aahs” from family and friends!

When choosing a quality oval engagement ring, it’s important to ensure the diamond is cut properly. This will help to prevent a common problem with oval and pear-shaped diamonds called “bowties,” which are dark areas on the surface of the diamond that block light from entering the center of the stone.

The most popular styles of oval engagement rings include solitaire, halo, and three-stone designs. These styles are a perfect way to show your fiance that you have her heart and she’ll love you forever. For a more unique look, you can pair an oval with a colorful gemstone like morganite or sapphire.

5. Rose Gold

Rose gold is one of the most popular engagement ring metals. It has a sweet, delicate charm that adds romance to any ring. It is a mix of pure gold mixed with copper, silver and other alloys to give it its distinctive pink hue.

The amount of copper in the alloy determines how reddish or pink your rose gold engagement ring will be. A more copper-rich 18k rose gold engagement ring style, will have a pinker hue, whereas 14k rose gold will have a less pronounced color.

Another benefit of rose gold is that it looks great with nearly all skin tones, making it a good choice for nearly any bride-to-be. Moreover, it coordinates well with yellow and white gold jewelry and is a perfect match for diamonds.

Regardless of the karat, rose gold is an extremely durable metal. It is actually harder than yellow or white gold because it contains copper, which makes it very hard to nick and scratch.

Additionally, it doesn’t need to be replated with rhodium as white gold does. This makes it a very low-maintenance and long-lasting metal for an engagement ring.

You can find rose gold rings made from both 14k and 18k solid gold. 14k rose gold is a blend of 14 parts of pure gold to 10 parts of other alloys (usually copper), and 18k rose gold is a solid piece of gold. Both are durable and look amazing, but it’s best to let your designer know if you prefer a particular hue of rose gold.

While rose gold is a very romantic, charming, and feminine metal, it can also be very trendy depending on the jewelry you wear. It is an ideal option for the fashion-forward bride who is confident in her own style and doesn’t want to follow the crowds.

6. Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is a popular style timeless and classic choice for engagement rings. This golden hue perfectly accentuates warm skin tones and is a great contrast against brighter-hued gemstones like diamonds or rubies.

While it fell out of favor around the 1990s, many are now choosing to get back in touch with this time-honored metal. It’s a beautiful alternative to white gold and platinum, and it’s a perfect complement to any style of ring.

But before you go for a yellow gold engagement ring, it’s important to know a few things about this precious metal. First of all, yellow gold isn’t pure gold. Instead, it’s made up of various gold forms mixed with other metals to achieve its luxurious hue.

That said, it’s still hard and durable enough to last a lifetime, so you can feel confident in your purchase. However, keep in mind that it can still tarnish with time.

To make yellow gold stronger, it’s typically alloyed with other metals like copper. It’s this combination that makes it durable and a great choice for engagement rings. This alloy is also what gives it a lovely yellow-gold color. It can be paired with warm-toned stones such as purple, morganite, and rubies for a unique look that’s sure to impress.

7. White Gold

White gold is a popular metal choice for engagement rings because of its clean, timeless style. It looks great with almost every kind of diamond, sapphire, or emerald.

The most common color for white gold is a silvery white, which is achieved by a layer of rhodium plating on the piece. However, you should be aware that white gold can contain nickel, which is a common allergy to many people.

While both yellow gold and white gold are alloys of gold, the difference between these two is that yellow gold consists mostly of yellow metal while white gold contains less pure gold mixed with durable metals like nickel and zinc.

Yellow gold is more warm-toned and will suit most skin tones. Cool skin tones, on the other hand, will look best with a cooler-toned metal like white gold.

The popularity of white gold has risen in the past few years as many millennials are choosing to move away from the traditional yellow gold aesthetic. But, there’s still a lot to consider when choosing a metal for your dream engagement ring too. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and your lifestyle and budget.

8. Large Center Stone

Big center stones are a trending attraction, and there are many ways to make them pop. Whether you choose a halo setting, solitaire, or a unique design, the right choice can make your diamond or gemstone stand out for all the right reasons.

The most popular settings feature prongs, which secure the center stone to the band. This type of setting gives the center stone shape lots of room to sparkle and adds a vintage flair.

Another option is a bezel setting, which is the most protective and durable way to set a diamond in a ring. This is a great choice for men and women who work with their hands as it’s highly resistant to chipping or falling out.

Regardless of the setting, the center stone should be large in size. This is because it’s the focal point of the ring and will show off your chosen gem’s brilliance, shape (outline), fire, and color.

If you’re going for a very large center stone, it may be worth considering a high-set setting like a cathedral. In this type of setting, the center stone is elevated above the finger, bringing it up higher above your hand and making it appear bigger than it really is.

9. Princess Cut Diamond

If you’re looking for a timeless design, a princess-cut diamond is an excellent choice. These stones are incredibly versatile, and look great in solitaire, pave, or halo settings. They’re also available in a variety of metals, including yellow gold and white gold.

The shape of a princess diamond is similar to that of an inverted pyramid with four beveled sides. This cut was first developed in the 1960s by London jeweler Arpad Nagy, and it’s now the second most popular diamond shape after round.

When choosing a princess-cut diamond, you need to consider the 4 Cs: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. You’ll also want to focus on finding the right size and measurements (length x width) that are within your budget range.

You’ll want to buy a color grade that’s near colorless or even colorless, and make sure you go with VS2 or SI1 clarity. This will help you avoid inclusions that can be difficult to hide.

A princess-cut diamond can be prone to chipping, so you’ll want to find a stone that has no inclusions in any of the four sharp corners. This means that you should look for a clarity grade of at least SI1 to ensure that your diamond will remain eye-clean throughout wear.

10. Bridal Sets

Bridal sets are a classic choice and have been worn by many brides over the years. They are also a great way to buy engagement rings to save money and ensure that your rings will match perfectly.

They are available in a variety of styles and precious metals. You can choose from yellow gold bridal sets, rose gold bridal sets, white gold bridal sets colored diamonds and platinum bridal sets.

A bridal set is a set of two matching rings, usually the engagement ring and wedding band. These sets are often sold together but can be purchased separately as well.

When purchasing a bridal set, it is important to consider the style of each ring. This will help you find a beautiful set that will be cherished for a lifetime.

It is also a good idea to make sure that the two rings will fit comfortably. This will prevent them from rubbing against each other and potentially damaging the ring over time.

Choosing a bridal set can be an exciting and enjoyable part of the wedding planning process. You have the ability to create your own unique set, whether that is by adding diamonds, handengraved patterns, or introducing a different color of precious metal.

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