6 Celebrities Afflicted By COVID-19 and Their Health Status

COVID-19 or Corona Virus as what others may call first affects entire China in 2019. After a few months, the virus has spread rapidly throughout the world, declaring it as a pandemic by the World Health Organization. The death toll keeps rising affecting all countries and people including celebrities. On this list are some of the celebrities afflicted by COVID-19.

Celebrities Afflicted by COVID-19 and their health

Brace ourselves as we gather 5 celebrities afflicted by COVID-19 and their status after being diagnosed with the disease.

Tom Hanks and Wife Rita Wilson 

Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson are one of the first famous personalities reported to have tested positive for COVID-19. Hanks who is prominent for his movies “Cast Away” and the romantic movie “Sleepless in Seattle” is with his singer-actress wife Rita Wilson to shoot a film in Australia. The couple had fever, colds, and have body aches, and after a week of self-isolation and following the advice of the experts, they were happy to announce that finally won the battle against the deadly disease.                                                                

Daniel Kim

Covid 19 pandemic is not only a fight against the virus but has been a fight against Asian people. Daniel Kim, a well-known Asian actor calls to stop senseless prejudice against Asian people. He happily announces on his Instagram post that he can finally go out and throw his garbage and walk his dog because his health condition is better and free from is a virus. Kim who is born in Korea is known for his roles as Chin Ho Kelly in “Hawaii Five-0,” Jin-Soo Kwon in “Lost” and Gavin Park in “Angel”.

Olga Kurylenko

Next on our list of celebrities or famous people who are afflicted with COVID-19 is the “Quantum of Solace” star Olga Kurylenko. She gives regular updates of her health condition on her social media account posting pictures of different vitamins to boost her immune system. The Quantum of Solace star announces on March 18 that she has completely recovered from the viral infection and that she is enjoying her time to reflect on many things and spend time with her son.

Mel Gibson

The award-winning actor and director Mel Gibson opens up about their battle against the perilous disease. Gibson who is widely known for his character as a buddy cop in the movie “Lethal Weapon” and director of the film “Passion of the Christ” is tested positive for the coronavirus in April. It is reported that Gibson is fully recovered after receiving treatments like remdesivir, an antiviral drug treatment that helps people with COVID-19 get better faster.

Prince Charles of Wales

The heir to the British throne, Prince Charles of Wales himself is no excuse for the fatal virus nor in this COVID-19 pandemic. The eldest son of Queen Elizabeth is tested positive for COVID-19 on March 26, fortunately, his wife the Duchess of Corn is wall Camilla is negative for Coronavirus. A statement from the House of Clarence said that the Prince’s health condition is better and has completed the seven-day isolation period at the Balmoral estate in Scotland and the couple reunites on April 9 on their 15th wedding anniversary.

Boris Johnson

To complete our least famous personalities infected with the coronavirus is Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Johnson has been criticized in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic for disregarding the WHO recommendations against physical greetings. The British Prime Minister confirms that he is diagnosed with COVID-19 after experiencing mild fever and colds. Johnson’s condition gradually improved and thank the National Health Service Workers for saving his life. Since then, the Prime Minister encourage everyone to comply with all the safety measures to stop the spread of coronavirus.

The whole world is fighting against this life-threatening and invisible villain. No one is immune to it, even famous personalities or celebrities are afflicted with it. COVID-19 pandemic is not only a battle against one person, but It is also a battle against everybody, so hand in hand, let’s unite and kill this virus. The above-mentioned celebrities afflicted by COVID-19 are an example. 

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Written by Stella Maris


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