As if! These 22 Movies are Perfect for Clueless Lovers

CluelessAlthough it may be an iconic film from 1990s, this movie is still relevant and timeless. It’s a great ride for all ages. Based loosely on Jane Austen’s classic novel EmmaThe colorful comedy about a teenage comedian follows Cher, a wealthy, self-absorbed, but kind-hearted teenager from Beverly Hills, as she attempts to “improve the lives” of those around her. Enjoy a spectacular parade of exaggerated 90s fashions, throwback music choices, and so much quotable dialog.

It can be funny in some ways to look back. CluelessYou can see that it was meant to be a ridiculous satire. Teenagers carrying their cell phones around with them all the time are treated as absurd jokes. It’s now part of everyday life. It’s a great thing! CluelessHowever, it is very similar to the teen movie tropes.

Usually, “popular” children are the villains and “not like other boys” is the heroine. In CluelessEach clique has its problems, but very few people are truly terrible. Cher may be “like other girls”, but she doesn’t have the to lose that to further her character development.

Uncontrollable joy and a big heart are reasons why CluelessIt’s been a timeless classic for decades, and has had an enormous influence on recent teen films. It’s impossible to capture the same feelings as it, but nothing could. CluelessYou can find many movies that go well with it. Want to see more movies like it? You can find them all here. CluelessWe’ve collected some of our top recommendations in the gallery below. Which of these are your favorites?

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