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When When the book “Where the Crawdads Sing”, came out, it appeared that it was on everyone’s bookshelf. It’s no surprise that the movie adaptation of “Where the Crawdads Sing” is in theaters this July due to its popularity and status in Reese Witherspoon’s book club. This movie and its story are sure to be a hit, featuring a Taylor Swift original song called “Carolina”. You can find all the details below if you don’t have time or want to refresh your memory after reading the book back in 2018.

Who is Kya in “Where the Crawdads Sing?”

Kya is the main character of “Where the Crawdads Sing”. She grew up in a shack on a North Carolina marsh, in the 1950s. Kya’s mother moves away at six and her siblings and older brothers follow her lead. She is left to live with her abusive father, a World War II vet who is disabled and drinks heavily. After teaching Kya to fish in the marsh, he resumes drinking after receiving a letter back from Kya’s mom. At Kya’s ten years of age, he vanishes.

Kya soon becomes self-sufficient and trades the fish and mussels that she catches for gasoline and money. Jumpin’, a local gentleman she makes friends with who runs the gasoline station and his wife Mabel become an important part of Kya’s lives. He allows her to keep her stubborn independence while also providing her with donated clothes and advice. Kya is forced to attend school one day because of a truancy officer. She was humiliated and shunned by her classmates and she now prefers to learn with the marsh flora, fauna, and fauna.

Kya’s Teenage Romances – Chase and Tate

“Where the Crawdads sing” is both a murder mystery as well as a coming-of age story. When Kya meets Tate Walker, an old friend from her childhood, her life begins to change. Tate helps her learn to read and write and she bonds with Tate after showing him her collection of rare bird feathers and seashells. Chase falls in love with Kya and ends up leaving him when he attends college. Kya believes that Chase is too open-minded to have Kya as part of his world. After his first year, he doesn’t return to the shack and leaves Kya devastated.

Kya, now 19, meets Chase Andrews at a picnic. He is their star quarterback. Chase invites Kya to a picnic, and she tries to have some sex with him. She runs away 10 days later. He apologizes, and they take her to the abandoned fire tower of their town. Chase is given a necklace by Kya made from the scallop shell he found at the picnic. The couple begin a relationship. He takes her virginity and she ends up in a motel. But, the newspaper eventually reveals that he is actually engaged to another woman. She is angry and brokehearted and decides to live alone for the rest her life.

Tate is now a graduate of college. He visits Kya to confess his love and to apologize, but she still feels hurt by Tate’s betrayal. He encourages her to write a book and she allows him to visit her shack. She publishes her first book about seabirds.

1969: Chase appears in Kya’s life again and, after an argument with her, beats her and tries to commit rape. Kya escapes but Chase returns to her shack several days later. Kya is forced to hide. She knows she’s “the marsh girl”, and doesn’t report the crime. But she also realizes she’ll never feel secure as Chase is always around.

Chase’s Murder

Chase’s body is discovered dead under the fire tower in 1969. Although Kya is out of town to meet her publisher, the evidence is not strong enough to link her to the crime. Chase was not wearing the shell necklace that she gave him the night before. Kya is taken into custody by the sheriff of the town and held there for two months. She loathes being in an indoor rotting cell.

Kya is assisted by a local lawyer. She’s not guilty due to an account from her publisher, the fact that Chase was not allowed to return overnight and Chase being unable to be attacked, and the fact that Kya could not have been found guilty. She returns to the marsh, reconciles with Tate and moves in with Tate until Kya’s passing at 64.

Who Murdered Chase “Where the Crawdads Sing?”

The novel’s twist finale comes down to the night of her funeral. Tate uncovers beneath Kya’s floorboards a poem that describes Chase Walker’s passing and the necklace Chase was wearing the night he died. Tate decides to keep Kya’s secrets by burning the poems and necklace string, and crushing the shell in the tide.

What Does the Title “Where the Crawdads Song” Mean?

Tate suggests to Kya that they go “where the crawdads song” together. This is a phrase Kya recalls her mother using to encourage her to explore the marsh as a child. Tate answers Kya’s question about the meaning of the phrase, explaining that “Where the crawdads sing” is a reference to the marsh.[It] It means “far in the bush” where critters roam free and still behave like critters. “Where the Crawdads Song” is likely to be a reference to the important role that the North Carolina marshes have played in Kya’s story.

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