Jake Paul Offers Jorge Masvidal $5 Million To Fight

Jorge Masvidal to Fight Jake Paul for $5 Million

Jake Paul He’s channeling his inner Godfather to make a difference. Jorge Masvida lHe accepted an offer that he couldn’t refuse: he would spend $5 MILLION on the UFC fighter he wants to fight.

His knockout win is over Tyron Woodley The Problem Child made an offer for his brother. LoganListen to Tuesday’s episode of “Impaulsive” on the podcast. He says he isn’t just talking and really wants to scrap.

Jake claims Masvidal is keeping him down for two reasons: he only fights with the best fighters or he fights to make a lot of money. Paul is now giving the former.

There is a lot of it.

Jake replied, “Masvidal. I got an offer right now — $5,000,000 guarantee plus a percentage Pay-Per View.” Let’s make this happen.

Jake called Gamebred out. Nate Diaz Right after the win… calling them “bitches”.

The problem is that the UFC has both fighters under contract and they would need permission to fight outside the promotion.

“And @GamebredFighter & @NateDiaz209I’m sorry, y’all.@jakepaulCalls out to Nate Diaz and Jorge MasvidalšŸ˜³#PaulWoodley pic.twitter.com/XjlgV19loL

ā€” SHOWTIME Boxing (@ShowtimeBoxing) December 19, 2021

He said he was open to taking on any UFC star in the ring… calling it “lightwork.”

“Diaz isn’t good,” Jake added. “Look at their records!” Numbers don’t f***ing lie, bro. I’m undefeated. Diaz actually wins two fights and loses a single. Diaz wins two fights and loses one. F*** that.”

The bitterness between the two wasn’t always there. Ben Askren Jorge helped Jake train and fight, but Jorge wasn’t fighting.


@jakepaul/ Twitter

Jorge is attracted to the money. It is most likely. The real question is: Is UFC honcho? Dana White Who isn’t a big Paul fan? Will you sign on for the fight?

What do you think?

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