Kanye West Says Kim Kardashian's Security Didn't Allow Him Into Her House With North

Kanye West shares some details about his private life. According to the 44-year-old artist, Kim Kardashian West, his ex-wife, denied him entry into her home after a recent visit. ET reached out to Kardashian West’s representative.

“Earlier this week, Monday when I went to pick up my children from school, security stopped me at the gate. “So at that point security was in between myself and my children and this was what wasn’t going to happen,” West explained to Jason Lee in a new interview. Hollywood Unlocked interview. “But I didn’t want to argue over it. So I chilled out, took my children to school, then took them back. I am driving. North asked me to bring them back, and I said, “I want your help.” Then it was like, “Oh, Dad, you can’t go see anything.” Daddy is not allowed inside. That was not the case.

West — who shares four children with Kardashian West — notes it was security who informed him he couldn’t go inside the residence, but alleges that he hadn’t spoken to Kardashian West about the restrictions.

“My daughter asked me to go in. “I was like, I’m the richest Black man, North’s father, and security was able stop me from entering the room with my girl and that had not been clarified,” West said, before claiming that Kardashian West was in fact Pete Davidson’s boyfriend. “And I’m hearing that the boyfriend is actually in my house. That’s why I call my cousins. My cousins are very opinionated, as you all know. I told him, “I need to go and tell these two things.” Security won’t be between me, my children, or TikTok without my permission.

The Yeezy founder noted that it was his two female cousins who he sent to talk with Kardashian West. He continued, “Yes, my male cousins, nonaggressive just to say really simple like, look, for our to be – Certain terms I don’t love, co-parent – like, from my home, you’re mine baby mama. To be civil and cordial, certain things must be done.

West insists that the media are free to make jokes, report whatever they like, but that no one should get in the way of him or his children.

“They can go on SNL They can tell jokes in the media, and they can create stories about me and my partner. They can block deals and do all that kind of stuff but they cannot play with my children,” he stated. Don’t play alongside my children. I don’t care who you work for or who your family thinks they are working for. It will be legal. It will be legal. It’s not going be like that. We aren’t going to do that. It won’t be. And this is for all of everybody who has been in a situation like this who didn’t have a voice…I got the house right next to my children.”

West mentions Davidson earlier in the interview, but he doesn’t drop his name and admits that he hasn’t been the best Christian.

This is for anybody that’s going through a separation, and people intentionally do things to be mean and hurt you… to to be playing games,” he said. “How are you going to bring me to?” SNLYou can also kiss the man you’re dating right infront of me and everyone’s like, “Aw, that’s cool.” I can have my principles and things I’ve changed things, and I backslide, and I haven’t been the best Christian and things the media can make seem some kind of ways… But at the end of the day, I’m Jesus gang. Family is what I care about, my family and me, as well as parenting. My kids’ mom and I are not together. “I will always be the best dad.”

ET spoke with Lee Friday to confirm that West will be releasing a song dissing Davidson. He also spoke out about his interview with West and what he thinks of Kardashian West’s relationship.

Lee stated that he had a song due out tonight with a mention of Pete Davidson. He seems bothered, according to the interview. He doesn’t have the same access to his children as he used to. Kim’s security preventing him from being with his children was a problem for him as a father. He also mentioned that he was denied entry to the house by North when he wanted him to. However, he was able to calmly handle the situation and he didn’t make a scene.

The host spoke out about West’s mental state during divorce proceedings, co-parenting, and the alleged altercation with Lee. He said that he was “good.”

“Kanye is calm and thoughtful in person. He’s been in the studio everyday for hours and hours, working on his creative projects. Donda 2. Lee shared, “I’ve heard some music, it’s truly amazing.” He seems to be focusing on himself at the moment. However, I can tell you that he is a creative person. There’s so much going on in fashion and music. You also have to consider the fact that he is going through with his family and feels very manipulative in media. This controls the narrative.

“He did mention [that]. He turned to the camera and said, “You’re not going to gaslight me.” You can try to get involved in any deals or ruin any deals and control the media… in stories, like, he directly addressed the Kardashians in the video…You know, create barricades or obstacles between him and his kids, or him and his brand, and he just said that he’s gonna fight them with everything legally, and he’s gonna do it very calm.”

Lee also shared that West told him that he “doesn’t have a Solange in his family who sticks up for him or defends him the way that Solange has done for Beyoncé.” So his cousins sent him to Kim to talk to them in a rational manner to try to reach out to them as women about how they want to be able access his children. He also said that he will not be dealing with security.

Entertainment Tonight, Friday at 8 p.m. ET interviews Lee in detail. Check your local listings here.



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