Lizzo Praises Beyonce As Her 'North Star' When It Comes to Making Music In Wild New 'Carpool Karaoke' – Watch!

James Corden returned to London Monday. However, he was still in Los Angeles riding his SUV with Lizzo shotgun through the city.

The songstress was super thrilled to be taking part in the segment, and after kicking things off by singing along to “Good As Hell,” Lizzo couldn’t contain her excitement.

She exclaimed, “Wow! This is so cool!” “People are familiar enough with my music that they can tell me how to do it. It’s just so cool.

Lizzo was, as usual, authentic and open to embracing the fun-loving parts of her personality that have made herself a worldwide music icon. She was able to slay the flute mid-drive when Corden surprised Lizzo with one, and she also candidly reflected on her childhood and strict upbringing.

“For the first 10 years of my life, when we lived in Detroit, I was in The Church of God in Christ. Lizzo said that when you are a member of that faith, you must be very strict about what music you listen too. “We didn’t listen or worship secular music. It was devil-music.”

“Would Lizzo’s music be allowed to you if it was at church?” Corden asked.

“Early Lizzo, yes. However, Lizzo began cussing and Lizzo laughed. “I’ve pissed off a few family members.”

Lizzo was asked if it might be because of the cussing she uses in her music. It could be the nudity and the ass.

Lizzo revealed that her cousin will even call her mom to complain about her Instagram photos not being dressed up. “And then, I double down and upload more nudes the following day,” she laughed.

Lizzo also spoke out about her deep love for Beyonce. She reflected on how it began as a teenager, when she was inspired by her music.

She said that when she was shy, or didn’t believe I was cool, she would play Beyonce in her bedroom. It would transport her. “I would feel something. It would make me feel better. There is hope for me.”

She said, “The way she makes people feel is how I want people to feel with music.” “She has been my North Star.”

For more Lizzo awesomeness, check out the video below!

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