Top 7 Celebrity Trendsetters Today

Know the trends and styles among celebrities these days. Here are some of your favorite celebrities or personalities who set fame whether in fashion or lifestyle:

Jennifer Aniston’s Fashion

One of Hollywood’s fashionable women Jennifer Aniston always delivers inspirational looks in her films and televisions. Her style is just so perfect for any occasion or event. She is the epitome of little black dresses, grey monochrome outfits, and stone color maxi coats. She even looks divine in her white formal gowns.

The Necker Private Island of Richard Brandon

With the COVID-19 pandemic threat, many celebrities are self-isolating at the comfort of their luxurious properties. The incredible private reserve of business magnate Brandon in the British Virgin Islands is pure paradise. His Balinese-style Great House is just right for lazy days or even months. Embrace the Caribbean breeze from his wraparound terrace with sofas and hammocks and through his rooms with private balconies.

Social Media Expertise of Ariana Grande

Her amazing voice aside, actress Ariana Grande takes fame from her social media account, especially on Snapchat. Check on her Snapchat account with her username moonlightbae. Her selfies come with cute filters. She also posts breathtaking videos show her performances with Frankie, her brother. There is also tour footage on her page.

Should you be on Snapchat, it would be a great deal to share happiness and good vibes with others through social media.

Traditional Blue Jeans Travel Outfit of Kate Bosworth

Whether it is for a business or holiday trip, your outfit matters. You cannot go wrong with classic jeans in airport dressing. Actress Kate Bosworth just nailed it. Partner your jeans with a crew-neck tee shirt, and then a pair of white sneakers for a relaxed yet fashionable ensemble. Add a denim jacket should the weather be a little crisp or a bit cold inside the plane.

Now, you are ready to get out and travel with style like a celebrated personality. Where would you want to travel then?

Emma Watson’s Fair Trade in the Fashion Industry

Who doesn’t know the advocacy of actress Emma Watson for ethical standards and fair trade in fashion? It was in 2010 when she introduced her Feel Good Style web page focusing on natural beauty and sustainable fashion. Her objective is to give people the opportunity to help curb poverty sustainably.

Also, Watson is chosen as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador promoting ethical and sustainable fashion standards, which is also in line with her personal values.

The Advocacy of Christy Turlington Burns for Fair Wages in Fashion

The “Threading: Driving Fashion Forward” episodes created by supermodel Christy Turlington Burns aims to raise awareness of the human rights and fair wage privileges of garment workers. Burns points out the young workers in the garment industry and their inability to receive health care.

In her final episode, she mentions the increasing prices of garments, yet the workers earn less. She notes that humans are used as a sacrificial medium for this margin, which is unethical.

Olivia Palermo’s Statement Sunglasses

Wear your sunglasses and look like a celebrity with the statement sunglasses put on trend by Olivia Palermo. You will look more feminine with her embellished sunglasses. Feel pretty with floral detail and the addition of diamante. She shows how to rock her fashion style with the statement lenses of her mirrored sunglasses.

This is how she pulls her looks in her chic way making her a style icon. Accessorize yourself like hers and you will own a fashion style like hers.

Dress, style, and have a lifestyle like your fashion icons and celebrities. You can even set your trend and be famous your way.

What do you think?

Written by Stella Maris


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