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Zayn Malik Debuts Long Beard After Split From Gigi Hadid — Before & After Photos

Zayn Malik stunned fans months after splitting with Gigi. He had a full-length mane and scruffy locks. Check out his before-and-after photos.

Zayn Malik, 29, could have lost Gigi Hadi But he also gained a lot of facial hair. Following his split with the model, the ex-member of One Direction grew his hair big. His beard is now bushy and covers most of his face. His hair matches his beard as it’s now a little scruffier too. Zayn displayed his new look with a selfie. He wore a leather jacket and round glasses. Check out the singer’s new look below.


Zayn has been steadily growing his beard over the years. Just before news of his and Gigi’s split first broke in October 2021, his beard was just starting to grow in. His hair was thick near his lips and chin, and he had a clip for his chin. The rest of his hair was almost straight. He also had his hair cut with a buzz. Here’s a look at what the singer looked like before he grew his facial hair out.

Zayn and Gigi officially broke up on October 28, 2021, following a contentious fight between the “Pillowtalk” singer and Gigi’s mother Yolanda HadidWhile Gigi was away. It was alleged that a heated altercation between the two lead to Zayn “striking” his baby Khai‘s grandmother. Yolanda was not in his possession. While the singer and model dated on and off for six years, a source close to Gigi’s family is “relieved” following the split and “haven’t been the biggest fans of Zayn.”

Initially, it wasn’t clear why the two were fighting. However, an insider EXCLUSIVELY divulged to HollywoodLife What went wrong between them. “Gigi was away while working, [Yolanda] wanted to spend as much time helping care for her granddaughter as possible,” the insider explained.

“But Zayn took this as a hit to his ego because he knows he’s fully capable of caring for his own child,” the source continued. “Yolanda meant no harm, it’s just that she loves her granddaughter with all her heart and will step in at any time to ensure she’s cared for. It wasn’t a diss at Zayn, it’s more just in her nature to step in when it comes to those things. Zayn saw it as her crossing a boundary and that’s what erupted into their argument.”

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