The Most Popular Online Colleges

Online education has become increasingly popular over the past few years. This is likely due to the flexibility and convenience that online education provides. Students can study at their own pace and in their own homes. There are many different online colleges to choose from, and the most popular ones often have the best reputations.

Most Popular Online Colleges

There are many different online colleges to choose from. So, how do you know which one is right for you? Here is a list of the most popular online colleges:

  • University of Phoenix
  • Kaplan University
  • University of Arizona Global Campus
  • DeVry University
  • Capella University
  • Western Governors University
  • Liberty University
  • Northeastern University
  • Southern New Hampshire University
  • Colorado Technical University
  • University of Michigan
  • University of North Florida
  • Villanova University
  • Smith College
  • Fairfield University
  • Azusa Pacific University
  • Simpson College
  • Old Dominion University
  • University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
  • Ball State University
  • Sam Houston State University
  • University of North Dakota
  • California Baptist University
  • University of Wisconsin – Platteville

Online Education and Online Students

The world is changing, and so should your education. Why not get a degree from one of the best online colleges? You can learn at your own pace in an engaging environment with flexible classes that suit you well – all while being able to pursue new opportunities abroad or right here on American soil!

It may sound too good to be true because it usually solves most people’s problems when they graduate college: high cost-low accessibility; lack of fourth needed skillset(s). But there really isn’t anything stopping anyone these days except themselves anyway.

Now even those limitations are gone thanks to everything going digital nowadays including exams which means no more unnecessary stress during exam week.

The best and most affordable colleges are found online. The cost of tuition is significantly reduced, as it does not require on-campus housing or meal plans with this type of education setting.

Besides, the student can study at their own pace without having to worry about getting behind in class because they don’t have access during certain hours due either snowstorms/lectures that were canceled by instructors who needed more time than usual just like what happened last semester when there was an MIT tech incident.

What are Online Degree Programs?

Online Degree Programs are becoming more and more popular as an easy way for people who would like to pursue education but can’t afford it or don’t qualify enough in other ways. For example, there is always the option of earning your bachelor’s degree online with the Columbia College at night program which will allow you have to access all courses offered by this great institution without having any commute time!

Online degree programs allow you to earn your bachelor’s, master’s, or professional certificate without leaving home! For example, Columbia College offers online courses for those who can’t leave the house and want access; some students enroll in this type of learning environment because they live too far from campus (or have other obligations) while others choose it as a way around town.

Get to know more about each of these schools offering courses and operating online.

20 Most Notable Colleges Online

Learn about the well-known online education providers below:

University of Phoenix (Arizona)

The University of Phoenix is one of the most popular online colleges. It has been around for over 30 years and has a large alumni base. The University of Phoenix offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

The University of Phoenix is a well-known, accredited institution that offers world-class digital education for students enrolled in bachelor’s degree programs. They have been ranked number one in the Social Sciences & Humanities category. Columbia College has had them enroll since transfer enrollment was first offered back in 1989!

It has been providing quality education to students since 1965! You can now pursue your studies without leaving home or worrying about expensive living costs because we provide all the amenities for an incredible value, including housing options as well.

Online courses and programs offered at the University of Phoenix are a great way to earn your degree. Some of the most popular online programs offered here include MBA, GISP certification, and BSN. You can even complete your classes on nights or weekends while working full-time!

The University of Phoenix is one of the best online colleges because it offers a variety of degree programs that students can choose from. In addition, it has flexible scheduling options for students who are busy with work or family and need to complete their education at a strict time.

Kaplan University (Iowa)

The best way to succeed in life is through education, and Kaplan University believes that a college degree should be an attainable goal for all students. Its online programs make it accessible with low-cost tuition and flexible credit transfer policies between universities worldwide.

The university allows you more time than ever before! Stop by its website or explore the social sciences Degree Program today because there are plenty of reasons why this school beats any other on-campus or off.

It has bachelor’s degree programs and certificates available for students who can’t afford or don’t want to be away from home during college hours, as well as certificate courses that provide skills unique just within this field!

This social science-based organization was founded by Paul Gromlich in 1995, who also happens to work at Columbia Games when he wasn’t running his own company called Paragon Consultants Incorporated. It helps companies manage their human resource needs better than ever before, so they’re ready no matter what comes next.

Kaplan University is the best online college because it’s very flexible. The class is ready when you are, and also, once you’ve completed a course, nothing stops you from advancing to your next one.

You are smart enough to choose Kaplan University as one of the best or most popular online colleges.

University of Arizona Global Campus (formerly Ashford University)

The internet is an expanding place, and with that comes the opportunity for many new things. One of those chances is Ashford University’s Online Bachelor Programs.

University of Arizona Global Campus is an academically rigorous, privately funded university that offers bachelor’s degrees in over 80 majors at the undergraduate level and graduate programs for professional advancement. Since its inception, the institution has been collaborating with industry leaders to provide students with real-world experience through partnering organizations such as Columbia College School Of Engineering & Applied Science (CCS).

Courses are delivered online and on-campus, so you can be sure your credits will transfer everywhere! You’ll also find many scholarships, including athletic awards like engineering money, just by being enrolled here.

It offers students worldwide access to higher learning without having to move anywhere else! For example, you could study social sciences or certificate courses so long as they’re related in some way–and this doesn’t stop at just degrees either. There’ll always be something on offer, no matter what your skill set may happen to be.

If you are talking more traditionally, it might take years before a student can complete their bachelor’s programs.

You are probably asking yourself what makes Ashford one of the most popular online colleges. It’s because they offer great programs, a fantastic curriculum, and affordable tuition.

A logo sign outside of a facility occupied by DeVry University in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania on November 8, 2015. Photo by Kristoffer Tripplaar *** Please Use Credit from Credit Field ***

DeVry University (Illinois)

DeVry University has provided an affordable, world-class education for over 50 years. If you’re looking to earn your bachelor’s or master’s degree online, there are plenty of programs at DeVry that will suit any needs, from certificate courses up to undergraduate degrees!

The university is a leader in providing quality educational programs convenient for students. They offer campus-based and online courses, making them one of the best options if you’re looking to learn more about something specific or take your education into another country!

DeVry University is among the best online schools globally, offering degree programs in everything from social sciences to business administration. Its online students are among the most successful in the country, and its online degree programs have been ranked number one by U.S. News and World Report.

This school is a great choice for transfer students. This is true for students, with over 80% of its students coming with some college credit already under their belts. With DeVry University, you can get an excellent education without ever having to leave home!

Also, it commits to providing its learners with the best online education possible, and our transfer students receive personalized attention that helps them succeed. See why DeVry University is a top choice for digital education!

Capella University (Minnesota)

Are they looking for a top-notch online education? Look no further than Capella University! Its online degree programs are among the best in the country, and its flexible learning options make it easy for students to fit their education into their busy schedules.

Capella University is a top-tier institution that offers affordable, world-class programs. With bachelor’s degrees available to students with or without debt, Capella will provide you with the education and skills needed for your future career!

There are several reasons why Capella University is one of the best online colleges. One of them is that they have been offering online classes since 1996, so they know what students need to succeed. Another reason is that it offers courses in multiple different fields.

With award-winning faculty and a wealth of transferable courses, it’s perfect for students who want to get ahead in their careers.

So what are you waiting for? Start your journey towards an online degree today!

Western Governors University (Utah)

The best way to learn a new skill, whether cooking or coding, is by doing so. Why let yourself get stuck in an outdated education system when there are more opportunities than ever before? Western Governors University offers flexible and affordable online bachelor’s degree programs to help you become the next engineer, doctorate candidate, or even change careers completely!

The accredited, comprehensive institution offer bachelor’s degrees in more than 100 programs. Classes are interactive and involve plenty of opportunities for independent study. Students can complete their degrees without any on-campus visits or live instruction!

It operates online through its website, where courses are offered at all levels, including primary education (Kindergarten to 12th grade), undergraduate studies (Associates), post-baccalaureate certificates, and advanced training options such as transferable credit toward another school’s curriculum.

WGU’s low tuition, high-quality courses, and excellent job placement rate are some of the best online colleges.

The best part about Western Governors University is that it’s 100% online. You can go to school whenever you want, wherever you are – no commuting or gas costs!

Liberty University (Virginia)

Liberty University is a world-class institution that offers programs in virtually every field. The University is a great place to gain knowledge and experience. You can find many different programs at their school, including bachelor’s degrees in social sciences or certificate courses that will help you with your career goals!

As an online student at Liberty, you have access to the same excellent education as physically on campus! This allows for greater flexibility and convenience when it comes time to start your career.

You may continue studying towards one degree after another with just weeks between classes instead of months-long vacations between semesters like most other universities require these days.

Liberty University offers amazing degree programs and certificates to help you reach your goals. Its online students are some of the best globally, and its online class is second to none. See what all the fuss is about today!

The best thing about Liberty University is the way it makes education affordable. With tuition that starts at under $10,000 per year, you get a great bang for your educational buck!

Northeastern University (Massachusetts)

The best way to get a quality education is by going straight into the saddle. Northeastern University has been offering online bachelor’s programs for years, and its degrees are recognized all over campus, with many transferable credits available in case you need them!

The university offers students enrolled in our online degree programs access to some of the best instructors in the field, as well as a wealth of resources and support services. Its online students are some of the most engaged and thriving in the country, and its online program has been ranked number one by the World Report. 

As a bonus, it also offers social science courses so that your knowledge can span across both worlds. You can study the physical one and any other place or person who might be learning these things too, such as Columbia College Chicago without even leaving home (or country).

If you’re interested in getting an online degree, Northeastern is one of the most popular colleges because they have great programs. It has a flexible schedule so you can learn at your own pace. Also, you can study from the comfort of your own home.

Southern New Hampshire University (Manchester)

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) offers the best online degree programs in the country! Its online colleges are perfect for busy adults who want to continue their education while working full-time. SNHU has been providing quality higher learning since 1892.

The university is not just another school offering undergraduate programs at its conveniently located campus in Manchester. It also offers select bachelor degrees through flexible associate degree pathways.

It offers certificate programs, online students, online education, students enrolled, online degree programs, online learners, and more!

You’ll love its social sciences program. Its transfer students receive top marks from Columbia College.

You’re in demand. Southern New Hampshire University can help you stay ahead of the curve and get where you want to go with: 

  • The best online programs – ranked #1 by U.S. News & World Report for the second year in a row.
  • Transfer students welcome – almost 60% of its students come already possessing an associate degree or higher.
  • A wealth of social sciences and business courses – perfect if you’re looking to change careers or advance your current one.
  • Top faculty – professors who are experts in their fields and passionate about teaching.

We know that you have options when it comes to getting an education. But SNHU believes that the university is a clear choice. With over 150 online courses to choose from, it offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to start your education or finish it, SNHU has a program that’s perfect for you.

Colorado Technical University (Colorado Springs)

The best colleges for people who want to learn on the go! Colorado Technical University is a top-ranked, fully accredited institution that offers more than 100 bachelor’s degree programs and certificate courses. It offers online bachelor’s degree programs in many different disciplines.

The university has certificate programs and learnings that can be completed entirely through eLearning. So, there are no worries about not finding class hours when you’re off work, or school-life balance is busy as always.

With its online education system for learners of all ages worldwide, students enrolled in this program can study at their own pace using interactive tools such as live chat or video conferences when necessary!

It’s easy to get started with Colorado Tech, too; select which campus location works best based on your desired city & state, then visit the website evolve into an expert learner by exploring subject areas like social sciences.

The best part of this university?

With Colorado Technical University’s online bachelor’s degrees, you can be equipped with the skills needed for a competitive workplace. The program is offered at your convenience and allows students to pursue their educational goals without having to move out of state or leave behind family members who may not want them going off on such an adventure alone!

With many schools offering similar programs but none quite like that of the university in terms of flexibility (or lack thereof), it’s sure that there will always be something new waiting around every corner. Whether it means adding extra hours onto one’s resume through internships & employer relations or expanding knowledge beyond just academics, you’re always at the right place.

University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)

Since the University of Michigan first awarded bachelor’s degrees in 1865, they have been at the forefront of online classes. Now with over 50% percent of all students enrolled on campus or through virtual courses, UMich is a leader in providing quality resources for learning without ever having an actual classroom presence.

With its world-class learning platform, students can learn at their own pace and anywhere they want with interactive courses. These courses engage them like never before, so there will be no excuses when it comes time to take on new challenges as an adult or turn back now if things seem too tough.

The best part about going down this path is exploring different fields until something catches hold but don’t worry because we’re here every step along the way, working hard behind.

The Social sciences department offers many opportunities, including certificate programs and graduate work that can lead toward your own desired specialization if you so choose, which makes this school more than just another competitor but instead adds onto their existing strengths by enabling transfer credits between schools worldwide!

What are you waiting for? Get your degree today! University of Michigan’s online bachelor’s programs make it easy to build the life-long skills needed to succeed in any industry.

University of North Florida (Jacksonville)

The University of North Florida is a great school offering many opportunities to learn and grow. With our online programs, you can study from the comfort (and safety) of your own home!

With over 10,000 students enrolled, we’re one of the best online colleges around. It offers bachelor’s degrees, online learning programs, and certificate courses for students who are enrolled or seeking to enroll themselves into an undergraduate program previously they have not been able to do.

Its degree program offers the flexibility you need to succeed in today’s world. Whether you’re looking to transfer credits or get your bachelor’s degree online, our courses are designed for busy adults like you.

You can find its schools in two different locations which means if you’re coming from out-of-state, then expect some transportation difficulties.

However, don’t let that stop your potential success. We provide financial aid such as scholarships/grants and reduced tuition rates depending upon what type(s) academic discipline subject matter area interests. Transfer credit policies allow up to 120 credits per semester (96 quarter) – enough room left over after completing the course.

One of the reasons UNF is one of the best online schools is that you won’t have to deal with a professor standing over your shoulder.

Villanova University (Pennsylvania)

Higher education is an investment that will pay off for years to come. And with Villanova University, you’re getting more than just a degree: it offers world-class opportunities in pursuit of your true potential and personal happiness!

Villanova University is one of the best online colleges, offering degree programs and certificate programs perfect for busy students. Its online students come from all over the world, and they love its innovative online education platform.

The best way to learn more about Villanova University is by visiting its website. The university offers on-campus and online bachelor’s degrees in many different fields, including social sciences, arts & humanities; engineering technologies/manufacturing management systems (MSS); business administration with concentrations added emphasis on entrepreneurial leadership or marketing – just some examples!

Students enrolled in its online degree programs have access to some of the best courses in the social sciences, and transfer students are always welcome. It prides itself on being one of the top-rated online schools globally, and its graduates go on to do great things.

You can earn an MBA from Villanova University differently than most. It’s called the “Villanova Online Executive MBA.” The program is designed for busy adults and professionals who would work full-time while earning their degree rather than take classes solely.

Thanks for considering Villanova University as your next step in education!

Smith College (Massachusettes)

Smith College is a world-class institution for women that offers on-campus and online programs. Students can earn bachelor’s degrees, certificate courses, or even associate ones! Smith has an extensive list of social science-related concentrations with study abroad opportunities available every semester, too – all at affordable prices you’ll find nowhere else.

The online bachelor’s degree program at Smith College is perfect for those eager to learn and ready to make an impact. Its tuition fees only cost $15,000 per semester, less than most undergraduate schools charge new incoming students.

This institution offers flexibility not found in any other setting while providing world-class education with top-quality instructors right there 24/7 when you need them via live interactive video conferences daily or weekly according to your schedule. You may even have classes during winter break if it suits best into one-course load each year. This can be taken anywhere globally because all courses taught here are online.

You can get a bachelor’s or master’s degree from Smith College in the most flexible way. That’s exactly what makes it popular among students getting courses online.

Fairfield sign on Barlow. Fall.

Fairfield University (Connecticut)

Better known as Fairfield University, this private non-profit higher education institution is located in Connecticut. This comprehensive private university has locations across America.

The university offers undergraduate and graduate programs to students around America through its online learning platform, which has courses available for those working full time or juggling multiple jobs while still trying their best at everything else they do!

It has more than 100 online degree programs, and its learners can enroll in any of these courses at whatever time works best for them!

The institution offers an online bachelor’s degree program that can be completed in as little time it takes to graduate! You will have the same opportunity for excellence and access no matter where you live.

So if going on foot, studying abroad, or working full-time isn’t possible this year, but you still want higher education, look into its fantastic programs.

The school has been ranked as one of America’s best colleges, so it’s no surprise that they have many graduates going on to successful careers!

Azusa Pacific University (California)

There is a new trend in higher education?

The internet has allowed for more flexibility and choices than ever before. With so many options available to students worldwide, finding an appropriate program that fits your needs can be challenging – but not with Azusa Pacific University!

Since its online courses were established back in 2000, it has had plenty of experience helping transfer students make sense of this confusing system. It provides them access everywhere they need it without having any physical classroom presence or restrictions on time spent studying outside. Of course, requirements like assignments, due dates, etc., make learning convenient.

You’re able to take classes anytime, day/night, wherever there’s a reliable wireless connection available, plus work individually towards meeting specific goals within each module.

The school offers over 100-degree programs and certificates which can be completed entirely online or on-campus as well! You’ll have access to some of the best teachers in your field when it comes time for classes. All while saving money by not having tuition costs covered like most other schools do (they also offer financial aid!).

There is something here that will meet everyone’s needs – whether beginner learner who wants an introduction into what this whole “college” thing entails before deciding upon any final plans.

Simpson College

The idea of an online bachelor’s degree program at Simpson College might surprise you. But when you look into it further, the reasons behind this decision become more transparent and more understandable.

Consider how many students are currently enrolled in its programs! Since the 2008-2009 academic year, there have been 1,891 full-time equivalents (FTE), student participants logging onto their coursework through Canvas Online Course Delivery System from all over North America, including Canada (566), United Kingdom(440), or Australia(300).

This number doesn’t even include those who completed courses but did not receive credit for them either because they could not meet eligibility requirements such as being external candidates without any permanent residence permit within a European country where respective educational institution operates according to the European Union.

With Simpson College, you can get your degree online and enjoy all the benefits of traditional education. You’ll get access to top-notch instructors and degree programs in social sciences, business, and more.

Plus, its online learning platform is designed for students who want to balance their education with work and family obligations. So if you’re looking for a school that fits your busy lifestyle, Simpson College is a perfect choice.

Old Dominion University (Virginia)

The future of learning is now available to you. Old Dominion University provides several different online programs that can be completed on your own time and allows students who are busy or traveling throughout the United States an opportunity they might not otherwise have. The learners can earn a college degree while still living at home with their families!

Online learners enjoy many benefits like flexible class schedules, no travel expenses for classes outside school-sponsored activities (e.g.: field trips), access to 24/7 virtual libraries where faculty members answer questions anytime day/night. Moreover, OVR works hard each year to ensure all enrolled learners’ needs are met, which means there isn’t any reason to succeed academically when studying full-time via distance education.

The most innovative online colleges are at Old Dominion University. Old Dominion provides quality programs for learners who want to achieve their goals in the quickest, easiest way possible – without having to move out of state or travel far so that they can get a degree!

The university’s graduates go on not only to make lives more fulfilling. However, they earn higher incomes because we’re located close enough that many attend classes locally while working full time (the commute time isn’t much longer than it would be if you were commuting into downtown D.C.).

One of the reasons Old Dominion University is one of the most popular online colleges is because it’s convenient to attend. With on-campus classes, you can arrange your schedule around class times and still go to work or school in person if you want.

It doesn’t matter whether your goal is social sciences & humanities bachelor’s degrees; healthcare certificate courses. It has everything here under one roof.

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Ready to get your degree online? Look no further than the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater! With over 100 online degree and certificate programs to choose from, we’re sure to have something perfect for you.

Whether you’re looking to start a new career or continue your education, our online programs are second to none. And with 24/7 access to our learning platform, it’s never been easier to get started.

This is how the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater described themselves in their marketing material, “The best online college.” With tuition costs rising and more people going into careers that require postgraduate degrees like social work or counseling psychology, it’s no wonder why many graduating seniors are looking for inexpensive ways to get ahead when considering income versus cost.

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is a great school to get your bachelor’s degree online. They have many programs available, and their tuition rates are low compared with on-campus universities!

The UWire reports on average salaries earned by graduates within these majors after attending school at Whitewater which can be upwards anywhere between $30K-$50K per year!

So what are you waiting for? Enroll today and join the thousands of other students who have already made UW-Whitewater their top choice for online classes.

Ball State University (Indiana)

Welcome to Ball State University (BSU)! The university is excited to offer you the best online education options available. Its degree programs are designed for busy professionals and students who want to continue their education while working full-time.

BSU offers a variety of certificate programs and online courses that can be tailored to your needs and interests. Its experienced faculty will support you every step of the way as you achieve your goals. Join us today and launch your future career!

The state university is one of the best online colleges, offering degree programs in various fields. Its online students are some of the most successful in the country, and our online education is top-notch.

It has certificate programs as well as undergraduate and graduate degrees. So, if you’re looking for an online degree program that will challenge and engage you, Ball State is the school for you!

Sam Houston State University (Texas)

Some people are born to be leaders, while others find it within themselves through hard work and determination. However, you become a leader in life or at Sam Houston State University (SHSU) as an individual member of society.

Your ability will only take shape when put into practice throughout many years on this earth – which is why SHSU offers so much more than just classes! There’s no better way for students who want/need hands-on learning experiences with real-world problems that they can apply back home after graduation without having any regrets. This is because we offer transferable credits across all disciplines, including business administration & management studies programs, among others.

Sam Houston State University is a great place to receive your bachelor’s degree. They have a unique online learning program and offer many different certificate programs for those interested in pursuing knowledge on the fly!

The school also welcomes transfer students with open arms; it’ll be like you’re back at home again (only better). If this sounds appealing but doesn’t know where to start or how exactly to get started, then take note, they provide personalized support plans tailored explicitly towards helping individuals succeed both inside AND outside of class – all while providing them access 24/7 through MySMSU.

University of North Dakota (Grand Forks)

The University of North Dakota has been a top-tier institution providing innovative education for more than 100 years. It was established as part of the State’s comprehensive plan and emerges from its values statement: “To produce graduates who excel both inside and out.”

The university offers bachelor’s degrees in almost every field imaginable, including Social Sciences, like Columbia College’s EdwardTLings herself attended UND before earning hers!

It offers the best online degree programs in the country. Its online colleges offer a variety of degree programs, from business to social sciences. It has transfer students from all over the world, and our online program is top-notch.

Its students love our online degree programs because they are flexible and convenient. You can enroll in our online courses any time of year, and you can complete your degree at your own pace. It’s one of the best online colleges in the United States, and it offers certificate programs and bachelor’s degrees.

California Baptist University (Riverside)

You’re considering furthering your education, and you’re looking into online colleges. Excellent choice! California Baptist University (CBU) offers some of the best online degree programs in the country.

CBU is a wonderful school that offers a fantastic variety of online learning programs. They have everything from bachelor’s degrees and certificate courses to social sciences-related classes for those interested in transferring credits applicable towards their home institution back onto it!

With CBU, you can choose from a variety of certificate programs or complete a bachelor’s degree in social sciences, business administration, or many other fields. Its online students are just as successful as its on-campus students.

Many of its transferring students come from Columbia College. It provides an engaging and supportive online learning environment for all of its learners – so you can continue working while you earn your degree. Why not take the next step and apply to CBU today?

University of Wisconsin – Platteville

Take your education to the next level with the University of Wisconsin – Platteville. Its online degree and certificate programs are top-ranked and perfect for busy students. You can easily fit education into your busy schedule with flexible online learning options.

The University has been recognized as one of the best online colleges in America. Its offers programs for undergraduate and graduate students, offering courses transferable to their respective universities on campus or through catalogs such as Columbia College’s World Reports “Best Technically Sound Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs” award winner!

The online degree programs at this university allow those without access to an in-person classroom experience that still provides them with the same accredited coursework as traditional campuses do locally or regionally. This makes it possible for people all over America who want more educational opportunities but don’t currently qualify due to academic performance criteria.

Whether you’re looking to start or finish your degree, our online programs offer something for everyone. Plus, our world-class faculty will help you reach your full potential. So why wait? Apply today!

FAQs on the Best Online Colleges

Here are some of the questions frequently asked about online colleges:

What is the most popular online school?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the most popular online school will vary depending on individual needs and preferences. However, some of the best online colleges and degree programs include Penn State World Campus, the University of Florida Online, and Southern New Hampshire University Online. These schools offer a variety of bachelor’s degree programs that can be completed entirely online.

What is the biggest online college?

The biggest online college is the University of Phoenix. This school offers over 250-degree programs and more than 100 certificate programs. It has over 400,000 students and operates in all 50 states.

Is online college becoming more popular?

Yes, online college is becoming more popular. Many students prefer the flexibility and convenience of taking classes online. Online colleges offer a variety of degree programs, from associate’s degrees to bachelor’s degrees. Some of the best online colleges include Ashford University, Liberty University, and Walden University.

What is the easiest college degree to get online?

The best online college degree depends on what you are looking for and what you want to study. Many accredited online colleges offer different degree programs. A bachelor’s degree is the most common college degree that people get online. You can find many online bachelor’s degree programs at accredited colleges and universities.


We hope you enjoyed this roundup of the best online colleges. Each of these schools offers excellent degree programs and certificate programs to help you jumpstart your career or continue your education.

Transfer students will find many options for completing their bachelor’s degree, and social sciences enthusiasts will appreciate the variety of courses these top-ranked online colleges offer. Comment below if you have any questions about applying to or attending an online college program. 

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