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    Who’s the Most Popular Disney Princess?

    If you are thinking about getting your kids into the world of Disney, then you should know who’s the most popular Disney princess movies. You will find that there are many different princesses that your child may want to follow, so it is important that you get them to pick their favorite Disney princess characters that they are […] More

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    10 Popular Disney Songs Still at Music Charts Today

    Whether you are a child or a kid at heart, you would never grow old with the most popular Disney songs. These songs from Disney movies are enjoyed from one generation to another. The tunes of their songs have already stood the test of time. We bet you will sing along with the following songs from Disney films […] More

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    22 of The Most Popular Cartoon Characters

    Few things are more difficult to do than list the most popular cartoon characters. After all, a person needs to take into consideration many unique personalities and other qualities. Here are a few cartoon characters from the past and present that are known to be favorites. 1. Scooby-Doo Solving mysteries is Scooby-Doo’s profession, but he needs his charming […] More

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    Most Popular Marvel Heroes and Villains

    If you are a comic book fan, you probably know which of Marvel’s most popular heroes and villains is most well-liked among fans. But did you know that even Marvel Comics creators know which characters are most popular? They do! Check our list of the most popular Marvel heroes and villains, as ranked by fans. Our Most Popular […] More

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    The Most Popular Halloween Costumes

    How to Choose the Most Popular Halloween Costumes If you were asked to name the top three most popular Halloween costumes today, it is likely that you would name one of the top two or even one of the top three. There are a number of reasons why people wear these costumes and here are just a few. […] More

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    The Most Popular Superheroes

    Superhero comics and motion pictures feature powerful fictional characters with superhuman abilities. These action figures are normally confronted by an equally formidable gang of super villains. People are hooked to their superheroes because they possess the power, finesse and fighting skills to face the super villains and beat them at their own game. The largest and most successful […] More