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    10 Most Popular Food Trends of Today

    We may not be able to travel to different countries, especially in this era of the COVID-19 pandemic, but eating and drinking experiences are essential in tourism. People can still experience a variety of food cultures through the signature dishes and their lifestyle anywhere in the world. Let us find out what are the most popular food trends […] More

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    Most Popular Beers in the World

    Beer, as we know it, is a beloved alcoholic beverage anywhere in the world. Some countries even consider it already part of their culture. There are now a lot of beers in the market but finding the most popular beers would be a bit difficult. Let’s navigate the famous brews in the world today. Fill your glass with […] More

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    Halloween Candies: 30 of the Most Popular

    The only thing better than candy is free candy. We all (kids and adults) wait all year long for Halloween to come so that we can fill our baskets with our favorite treats. The best houses or trunks have full-size candy bars, skittles, and Twix, and more. Experienced trick or treaters know just where to go to find […] More

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    Most Popular Cheeses In The World

    Many speculate cheese to have been around for almost 5,000 years with evidence of its manufacturing in Egyptian murals. We’re still piecing together our history, so it could date back even further. It’s a shame that we don’t know who to thank for inventing cheese, as it has now become a staple for modern cuisine. We all have […] More

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    Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors

    most popular icecream flavours

    As you peruse the different flavors available, one may wonder what is the most popular ice cream flavor. Well, chocolate and vanilla are certainly no longer the top of the list. Sure, there are still some major staples that people will always gravitate towards (such as strawberry), but newer, and more dynamic flavors have finally gotten the recognition […] More

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    Most Popular Pizza Toppings


    What are the most popular pizza toppings? Many people have an opinion on pizza toppings. Some prefer their pizza topped with chicken, others with sausage, and many prefer ranch. These are just a few of the many pizza options available at your favorite restaurant. 4 of the World’s Most Popular Pizza Toppings Below is a list of the […] More