Halloween Candies: 30 of the Most Popular

The only thing better than candy is free candy. We all (kids and adults) wait all year long for Halloween to come so that we can fill our baskets with our favorite treats. The best houses or trunks have full-size candy bars, skittles, and Twix, and more. Experienced trick or treaters know just where to go to find the most popular treats. We are here to help with a guide on the Top 30 most popular Halloween candies to look for this trick-or-treating season. 

Top Halloween Candies in the World

Here are the sweet treats every children across the globe might be seeking during this season.

Candy Corn

Candy corn is probably the first candy that comes to mind when you think of Halloween candy. It is the candy of great divide; either you love it, or you hate it. Personally, I’m not too fond of it. But to each his own.

100 Grand

100 Grand has a brand name, but that is about all that is grand about it. Though you may get your chocolate fix from it, there is nothing to it that makes it stand out from the crowd. It has a mysterious crunch that is almost appealing, but there is nothing memorable about it.


These Halloween candies may not be as not horrible as some Halloween costumes. But they are nothing to jump for joy over. The chalky taste and powdery consistency are lackluster. Often by the time you get home with your loot, they are sprawled across the bottom of your bag, loose and free.

Air Heads

Of all the fruity candy out there, airheads rank among the bottom of the candy hierarchy. The waxy after taste and dull flavors leave much to be desired. Little kids seem to enjoy the taffy-like consistency, but the wonder tends to wear off as you get older.

Mike and Ike’s

Mike and Ike’s are an oblong fruit-flavored chewy candy. But the first taste you’ll likely experience is the waxy coating. They come in various flavors including, cherry, orange, lemon, and lime. They are best eaten by the handful to mix up the flavors.

Hard Halloween Candies

These are a staple to any Halloween basket; no matter where you trick-or-treat, you are bound to get a mixture of strawberry candies, butterscotch, peppermint, or cinnamon hard candies. They are a classic for a reason, for their reliable taste, but they are not the best flavors out there. These sweets are not even Halloween candy; they belong in your grandma’s candy bowl on a table in her living room or at the bottom of her purse.


Why these bland yellow boxes are still in existence beats me. These flavorless gummy drops are dull and nothing exciting. They get stuck to your teeth and leave a hollow feeling of missing something.

Double Bubble

You are guaranteed to find a few of these floating around your bag as well. These Halloween candies have varied flavors specifically for Halloween, including grape and apple, but the classic bubble gum flavors, with a blue and yellow wrapper, is still the most prominent.

Junior Mints

It’s like toothpaste wrapped in chocolate. If you like minty candies, these might be right up your alley. The crème, like the consistency of the inside, has the potential to be enjoyable but only in very small quantities.

Hot Tamales

These little red chewy Halloween candies are extremely spicy. They are an explosion of cinnamon and pepper. If you turned hot sauce into a candy form, this would be it.


Here is another bland candy made of caramel nougat and salty peanuts. It is hardly sweet enough to call it a candy bar. If you enjoy peanuts and a not-so-sugary treat, this may be the choice for you.

3 Musketeers

This chocolate bar can’t quite compete with the others. It has a light and fluffy mousse inside but lacks a powerful flavor to please your taste buds.

Crunch Bar

The combination of milk chocolate and rice is unique. We are not sure if we love it or hate it. We try it every year to see if it had changed at all or gotten better. It hasn’t.


We are not even really sure what makes the malt for these chocolates covered malt balls. But it is wrapped in chocolate, so we can’t complain. They have an acquired taste, it’s not a candy to fight for, but we won’t throw it away either.

Mr. Goodbar Halloween Candies

 Another chocolate contender. You can’t go wrong with this chocolate and peanuts combination. It’s classic and dependable.


 Whether it’s the short and chunky variety or the long single stick, this strawberry licorice always brings a little smile. While they are not packed with flavor, you can eat your fair share without feeling like your teeth are going to fall out. Plus, they make a great movie snack.

Tootsie Pops

Take a tootsie roll and coat it with a flavorful candy, and you’ve stepped the game up. It’s a classic for its eternal question, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? I always jump for joy when I have a blue one; the green, red, and orange ones are good as well. I will trade the brown one for just about anything, though.

Sweet tarts

The hard candies are very chalky. Recently they have come out with a chewy candy version, which is much better. The chewy version has much more flavor.

Caramel Apple Pops

We only see these fall-themed lollipops once a year. For that reason, they are a great addition to any Halloween stash; they are reminiscent of apple cider with an apple caramel swirl. Be careful though the caramel is very sticky. As a kid, they probably got stuck to teeth once too many times; actually, it was a great tool to pull a loose tooth out.

Tootsie Roll Fruit Chews

These are much better than the classic chocolate tootsie roll. Their flavors pack a punch and come in fruit punch, lime, lemon, orange, and vanilla. Vanilla is not the best, but the fruity flavors are great.

Almond Joy

Chocolate, coconut, and almonds just work. These mini chocolates feel like a tropical getaway. Their sweet and subtle flavor is something to look forward to every year. We would never buy them any other time, but we look forward to them on Halloween.

Milk Duds

This is chocolate and caramel done right. These tiny balls of perfection are a chewy caramel covered in chocolate. As long as they are not melted and stuck together in a lump, these are a delicious Halloween treat. Not going to lie; even when they are stuck together in a large blob of pieces, it is still pretty enjoyable.

Jolly Ranchers

The flat sticks of jolly rancher’s reign as number one, hands down. The smaller cylindrical versions are great too, but they often come unwrapped and stick to other candies. However, if they are intact, these are tasty little treats that come in an ever-growing variety of flavors. The classic flavors are blue raspberry, watermelon, grape, cherry, and apple. Newer flavors include a tropical line with pineapple and mango and berry flavors, including strawberry and raspberry.

Hershey’s Halloween Candies

Hershey’s is a staple in the Halloween candy delights. The timeless favorite Halloween candies are the plain milk chocolate minibars. Hershey’s has ventured out to include my favorite cookies and cream with white chocolate, an almond mini bar, and dark chocolate. Soothe your chocolate craving with these chocolate sensations.

Sour Gummy Worms

There is nothing spookier and grosser than eating worms on Halloween. Gummy worms are a popular treat to look forward to on Halloween. The neon-colored worms range in flavors, combining two flavors per worm, like lemon-lime, cherry-blue raspberry, and orange-apple.


Haribo has been branching out and consistently bringing new types of gummies to our joy. Whether you scoop up the traditional gummy bears, the gummy snakes, or the cola bottle, these gummy snacks are the best.


Starbursts give you lots of flavor in a small square. Typically, they come in two packs for Halloween; you’ll be luckiest if you snag a pack of yellow and pink. The newest variety combines two flavors in one cube, called Duos. Duos combine a perfect match of flavors, blue raspberry and lemonade, and strawberry-watermelon.


The Halloween size mini bags of M&Ms are the perfect size to satisfy your sweet tooth. M&M is on board with trying out new flavors as well. The latest trends of Halloween candies introduced are pretzel M&M’s and peanut butter filled M&Ms, which are both phenomenal. Even if you get the classic milk chocolate or peanut flavors, you are winning.


Twix is a deliciously perfect layered chocolate bar, layered with caramel, biscuit and covered with chocolate. Typically, they come in mini or snack size, but you’ll strike gold if you score a full-sized bar. Customers even argue there is a difference among the twin bars; the right twin bar is cascaded in chocolate, while the left has a crispy cookie and is drizzled with caramel. See if you can tell the difference among the perfection.


All Hail the Reese’s. This round confection has a perfect pairing of two popular flavors- peanut butter and chocolate. Reese’s come in various flavors for the holiday, ranging from pumpkins to spooky eyeballs, Franken cups- with green filling, and cute little-winged bats. Other varieties include white chocolate and dark chocolate for chocolate connoisseurs. Additionally, the outrageous Reese’s bar includes small Reese’s pieces. 

For a truly outrageous experience, try the outrageous bar that features a pairing of all the favorites- chocolate, peanut butter, roasted nuts, and chewy caramel. For giant flavor, grab Reese’s big cup; it is enough to satisfy even the biggest Reese’s addict.

So, now you know which Halloween candies you would be treating children knocking your doors this season. Choose three or more of these sweet treats and they will never trick you.

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