Most Popular Granite Countertop Edges

Before picking on a new granite kitchen countertop, you have to consider several things, including the granite countertop edges and the colors you want. One of the most important decisions you’ll make when installing a granite countertop is the type of edge profile you want. 

The edge profile is the curve at the end of your countertop slab. Each of these granite countertop edges has its own unique look and feel. This article will explore the most popular granite countertop edges.

Most Popular Granite Countertop Edges

Because there are so many various profiles for kitchen countertop edges to pick from, it’s critical to consider several variables when selecting granite countertop edges. 

As a result, you must understand the various edge profiles accessible, such as basic granite edge profiles, distinct granite edge profiles, and premium granite edge profiles.

There are many different granite countertop edges to choose from, but some are more popular than others. Here are the most popular granite countertop edges:

1- Bevel Edge

The bevel edge is a very popular granite countertop edge. It is simple yet elegant. This profile is perfect for those who want a sleek and sophisticated look for kitchen countertops.

A beveled or bevel edge profile, which has a unique 45-degree angled slant that descends into a right angle, is a profile that can fit into many various aesthetics. 

A beveled edge makes cleaning and caring for your granite countertops and cabinets easier because spilled liquids run into the floor rather than your cabinets, which is perfect.

2- Double Beveled Edge

Now, if you’re already captivated by the impact of beveled edge design, imagine how much more fascinated you’ll be if it’s double-beveled. 

A double-beveled edge is a bevel edge with two levels, one on each side of the countertop slab. It gives your countertops a more high-end appearance and is perfect for you if you want a luxurious look in your kitchen. 

You can have more light from your kitchen island and bathroom vanities with tops due to this customization, making it the prominent point of your home.

Furthermore, you can always speak with professionals if you wish to adjust the angle cut for the beveled edge.

3- Half Bullnose Edge

One of the most popular granite countertop edge types is half bullnose. It softens and warms the entire appearance of the interior design. 

The half bullnose edge emphasizes the thickness of the granite while also highlighting the stone’s gorgeous patterns and veining.

This profile is perfect for those who want a seamless look in their kitchen and don’t want any sharp edges on their countertops.

4- Full Bullnose Edge

The full bullnose edge is a more traditional profile and is perfect for those who want a more polished look in their kitchen. It’s also perfect for hiding any imperfections on the countertop slab.

Full bullnose edge is probably one of the most popular granite countertop edge types because it provides a sense of uniformity to your countertops. It also gives your kitchen a more polished and refined appearance.

It has a rounded edge from top to bottom, giving it a delicate and sophisticated appearance. If there are children in the house, the entire bullnose edge is the best option because it has no sharp corners.

5- Ogee Edge

The ogee edge is a unique profile perfect for those who want something different in their kitchen. This edge has a wave-like design that adds character and uniqueness to your countertops.

The ogee edges are created by stepping down the granite’s solid surface and then leaving a protrusion for the lower part of the edge. This tiered edge creates a framing appearance for your granite corner.

Some chefs dislike ogee edges because they are more difficult to clean than a square or bullnose edge. Because they require more careful cutting, any ogee edges will incur an additional price when you order your granite.

If you’re looking for a profile that will make your kitchen stand out, then the ogee edge is the perfect option. It’s also perfect for those who want a more traditional look in the kitchen. 

This profile is very popular because it is timeless and can be used in any kitchen design.

6- Eased edge

A smooth rounded edge profile that softly eases toward the floor is an eased edge. 

This popular granite countertop edges style is ideal for tiny rooms and households with young children or pets.

It eliminates any sharp corners and is very easy to clean. This profile is also perfect for contemporary or minimalist designs.

7- Waterfall Edge:

The waterfall edge is a three-tiered granite ledge with three convex arcs. This cut adds a lot of texture and intrigue to the edge of your counter.

This design is common in more opulent residences. Because it is a more intricate cut, the waterfall edge is one of the more expensive options.

The Waterfall Edge is the perfect edge for those who want a unique and modern look in their kitchen. It’s a popular edge style gaining popularity in recent years. 

This edge has a sleek and elegant design that will transform your kitchen into a showpiece. It’s perfect for those who want to make a statement with countertops.

The waterfall edge is created by having a dramatic slab overhang on the front of your countertop. This edge style is perfect for open-concept kitchens and will add a touch of luxury to your home.

8- Straight Edge:

Choosing this edge profile is ideal when you want to draw attention to a specific feature in your kitchen, such as your subway tile backsplash, the veining patterns on your granite bathroom worktops, modern kitchen appliances, or newly finished cabinets.

Technically, a straight edge countertop is not a sharp edge but rather a somewhat rounded one. It is effective when you have a streamlined modern theme in your kitchen and bathroom renovation.

9- Pencil edge

The pencil edge is a finely rounded edge with a soft look and feel. It is created when the granite fabricator takes a small piece of granite and rounds it off to create a thin, delicate edge.

This profile is perfect for those who want a subtle and understated look in their kitchen. It’s also perfect for traditional kitchens or those who want a more classic look in their home.

The pencil edge is a simple and elegant profile that will add a touch of refinement to your kitchen. It’s perfect for those who want a sophisticated look without too much fuss.

10- Square Edge

The square edge profile is another option for your clean and modern kitchen countertop. Take note that, even if the edge is square, it should never be sharply square for safety reasons.

Although the center face is flat and square, the bottom, top, and side edges are gently rounded to avoid cuts. This edge profile is suitable for all types of stone countertops, and relying on professionals is a sensible decision to assure artisan correctness.

Remember that a fully square edge is not advised because it would be razor-sharp and extremely dangerous. 

11- Dupont Edge

The Dupont Edge is a two-tiered cut that consists of a straight drop into a bullnose rounding of the granite edge’s bottom portion. When it comes to manufacturing, Dupont edging is an extra cost.

Its narrow 90-degree angle extends down into a rounded edge for a striking variation on the Ogee shape. It brings attention to the already stunning granite or marble tabletop.

12- Mitred Drop Apron

A mitered edge contains two sections, and you can adjust the size of the edges. We take pleasure in our gorgeous mitered edge at Great Lakes Granite and Marble.

If the cloth is veined, we can match the veins so that they turn and go all the way down the drop apron, giving you a uniform effect.

13- Rock Face Edge

The rock face or chiseled edge profile is another option. The raw stone is exposed on this edge, giving your countertop a more natural or rustic look. 

Some people think this edge is sharp and worry that it may catch their garments. It just adds a more rustic feel to your project.

FAQs of Most Popular Granite Countertop Edges

Name the most popular edge on countertops?

The Full Bullnose is one of the most popular standard countertop edges. This elegant edge profile is a timeless classic that will complement your kitchen or bathroom countertops.

Which granite edge should I choose?

There are many options: straight edge, curved edge, ogee edge, pencil round edge, quarter round edge, etc. Examining your kitchen style and determining what might pair best – contemporary or traditional kitchen design – is one way to start narrowing down your options. Examine the profiles in your kitchen, such as the profile feature in the drawer or door front, and see whether they match the style of your countertop edge.


When it comes to granite countertops, the sky’s the limit! You can choose from various edge profiles to create a perfect look for your home. So don’t be afraid to get creative and have some fun with your renovation project.

As you can see, choosing an edge for granite countertops is mostly a matter of personal choice. Of course, you’ll want to select a granite edge that matches the design of your home while staying within your budget. 

Thank you for reading our article on granite edges. We hope you found it helpful and informative. We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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