Most Popular Anime in Japan: Cowboy Bebop

Anime is one of the hottest topics that seem to be discussed these days. There are many things about anime that have become popular all over the world. Meanwhile, there is one show that seems to be talked about more than anything else, “Cowboy Bebop.”

The Plot of Cowboy Bebop

The anime is regarded one among the most popular anime on television. It was produced by “The Simpsons” production company. Its unique story line and animation make it famous.

This anime follows the story of jazz musicians and their journey to the galaxy. The story revolves around their expedition to planet Mars. After their exploration, the people of Mars, start fighting each other to get control of the planet’s resources. Other races also come with them as well.

The Characters

The main character, Jack, is a young man who happens to be an orphan with no past. He has a good heart and wants to help other people. He’s feeling that his heart is the only thing he owns.

In this anime, people on Mars live in a space station where they entertain themselves. They are using the space station as a way to steal from the Earth. Earth is the only planet in the universe that is complete without life.

This makes people on Mars very rich. They can easily sell some of their resources to the people on Earth. The Earth’s inhabitants do not want people to steal from them. For this, they tried to stop them. This leads to an even larger conflict between the two parties. Each party looks for the best way to defeat the other. The objective is to take control of the Earth and all of its resources.

The Galaxy of Jupiter

The conflict escalates and the characters travel to galaxy “Jupiter.” Here, they tried to stop the other group from stealing. There they find a wormhole in the center of Jupiter and explore. They travel through until they reached its moon “Jupiter II.” It is in this place where they met Jupiter’s Emperor. They also met the two greatest resident musicians, Jupiter and Zenigram.

Both musicians along with their son J III travel together to Jupiter II to stop their other enemy, Saturn. Jupiter discovers the real story of the musicians. He learned what happened to them. The events lead him to realize that he was not alone and that he was not part of the Earth. He and others went back to the main plot while Jupiter discovers that he was once part of Jupiter’s Empire. However, he and Zenigram refuse to become part of the Empire after Space pirates killed Zenigram.

Later on, Jupiter realizes the need to get the Empire back together and ensure to gain the loyalty of everyone. So, they gather everyone to work together and be part of the military. They return to Jupiter and decided to start from the very beginning. For them, it is important to go through their conflicts.

Jupiter II is one of the most enjoyable episodes of “Cowboy Bebop.” You will enjoy its adventure and humor. Watching the two men interact and travel around the galaxy and meet new people along the way is just fantastic.

What Makes it the Most Popular Anime

The series also features a very unique Japanese animation style. This makes it stand out from the other animated series in Japan. It is often compared to the works of Hayao Miyazaki. Miyazaki is a creator of animated series from his Disney and Studio Ghibli. The series is likely a combination of these two famous animation styles.

Also, this series is a good show for its incredible music. The background music is very good and the voice acting is just perfect.

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