Most Popular Baby Names in 2020

Whether you are planning to have a baby of your own or name one for a friend or relative, choosing one is not that easy. This is a lifetime commitment which is why you must get the best baby name. How about considering the most popular baby names in 2020? 

You may be turned into a specific name in a certain category. You may want the child to have a popular name or something unique. Trending names are also upfront with the rise of social media these days.

The selection depends on the gender of the baby. So, let’s get it straight to the list of the most popular name for baby boys and girls. 

In the United States, Olivia and Liam are the most popular girl and boy names. 

Top Names for Boys and Girls

The Social Security Administration (SSA) releases its list of names for babies in 2020. Moreover, the other organizations are also giving out names for babies in their respective lists. Among those in these lists are provided below.

Baby Boy Names on Trend

According to SSA, the following are the famous names for baby boys this year.

  • Oliver – the name which means olive tree
  • Gabriel – signifies strength
  • Henry – a leader or state ruler
  • Benjamin – right hand’s son
  • Alexander – a great defender
  • Theo – a divine gift
  • Levi – means attached or joined
  • Aiden – an Irish name meaning wise and old
  • Sebastian – of the Greek origin of someone coming from Sebasta city
  • Jasper – means someone who brings the treasure
  • Elliot – means Jehovah is God
  • Emmett – means universal
  • Oscar – means champion warrior, God spear
  • Michael – like God
  • Elijah – a Biblical name
  • Liam – meaning guardian, protector
  • Lucas – an ancient name which means shining or bright
  • Noah – Biblical in origin meaning rest or repose
  • Logan – it’s for little hollow
  • Jaxon – son of Jack
  • Mateo – gift of Yahweh
  • Kylo – associated with the sky

Baby Girl Names on Trend

Should you name your little girl Olivia, she will be the most popular girl in her circle. For baby girls, here are the trending names:

  • Charlotte – a name of French origin meaning free
  • Sophia – meaning wise
  • Hannah – means grace or favor
  • Emma – meaning complete or whole
  • Chloe – signifies fresh or blooming
  • Amara – the beloved
  • Mia – a name of a wished-for child
  • Cheryl – means darling or dear one
  • Joy – a name for happiness
  • Darlene – means tenderly loved
  • Abigail – means father’s joy
  • Ava – has its Hebrew roots which means life
  • Freya – signifies fertility, beauty, and love
  • Luna – a Latin-based name that means moon
  • Aurora – means dawn
  • Isla – can mean vibrant, bright as the sun, dynamic
  • Lucy – means light
  • Audrey – pretentious
  • Adelaide – an alternative to Ava
  • Eloise – famous warrior
  • Zoey – of Greek origin which means life
  • Naomi – meaning pleasantness
  • Thea – literally means goddess
  • Stella – of Italian and Latin which means star
  • Alice – noble or exalted
  • Athena – well-known as the Goddess of Wisdom and War
  • Gemma – from the root word gem meaning precious gem
  • Olive – a symbol for peace
  • Ezra – a helper or someone helpful

Neutral Baby Names for Boys and Girls

You’ll be surprised to learn Charlie as the top unisex name on this list. If you are yet to confirm whether it is a boy or girl, we suggest gender-neutral popular baby names. Among these unisex names are:

  • Charlie – resembles water
  • Skyler – of scholarly meaning
  • Azariah – means in Hebrew that Yahweh has helped 
  • Royal – of a king
  • Justice – doing right
  • Finley – Scottish origin meaning
  • Frankie – of American origin which means truthful or free
  • Lennon – Irish Gaelic which means blackbird, lover, or cloak
  • Denver – a green valley
  • Yael – from Hebrew for mountain goat
  • Sidney – an OLD English name which means wide meadow
  • Campbell – of Gaelic roots for wry mouthed or crooked mouth
  • Brighton – means bright town
  • Dominique – originally French meaning “of the Lord”
  • Robin – diminutive or fame-bright
  • Ramsey – Scottish that means Island of Garlic
  • Hollis – signifies holly tree dweller
  • Armani – of Persian origin meaning goal or desire
  • Salem – complete, peaceful
  • Austen – magnificent and great
  • Indiana – the name stands for the “Land of the Indians”
  • Marlo – has multiple meaning like rebellious, remnants of the lake, beloved, exalted one, star of the sea
  • Ocean – of Greek origin which means sea
  • Clarke – in the Bible it is the secretary, scholar, or, scribe
  • Dakotah – derived from Siouan for “to be thought of as friends” or allies
  • Timber – signifies strength just like the wood timber
  • Kylin – pure, slender, keeper of the keys

Most Popular Middle Names for Babies

Choosing the right name for your baby boy or girl can give you a lot of pressure. You have several options. There is a list of the unique or common names. You can go for classic or trendy names even. How about a name added to your little one’s first name?

For Girls

The middle names to be provided here are for girls. In fact, they are among the most popular baby names. Here go the names:

  • Isla – an island name in Scotland meaning vibrant, bright as sun, brilliant, dynamic
  • Eloise – of French origin meaning “Famous Warrior”
  • Ophelia – helper 
  • Alice – the exalted or noble one 
  • Cora – for one who is virtuous, good, or just
  • Maeve – a name for intoxicating
  • Elena – torch, shining, bright, light, beautiful
  • Iris – a personification of the rainbow – gods’ messenger
  • Everly – grazing meadow, nature lover
  • Genevieve – of Celtic origin for the woman of the race
  • Ivy – symbolizes faithfulness
  • Willow – means graceful, slender
  • Nova – an extraordinarily bright star
  • Aurelia – name signifying golden

For Boys

Of course, there are second names best for your boy too.

Choose from any of these names:

  • William – a famous name for most little boys
  • John – a name that has its roots from the royal family
  • Alexander – a great choice to add to a one-syllable first name
  • Bard – a name for lovers of Shakespeare
  • David – a classic name which means love
  • Charles – a manly name
  • Robert – a name which means bright flame
  • Henry – a throwback name which signifies simplicity
  • Kai – a name associated with the sea
  • James – another name outlined to royal descendants
  • Lucas – it signifies a new light in life 
  • Forest – ideal for families who are nature lovers
  • Myles – music lovers may consider this name
  • Grey – signifies that life is neither white nor black
  • Jack – is the classic name that is always on style

Now, if you are looking for a rare, unique, and unusual baby name, try considering the list by nameberry.

Nameberry List

Make people think of your baby’s name with any of the following:

For Girls

  • Acantha – a flower name
  • Alastriona – fairly intuitive
  • Amandine – a fragrant, almond-scented name
  • Bluebell – an adventurous or outlandish name
  • Calico – a fashionable name associated with mottled cat and homespun fabric
  • Daffodil – a name with a strong springtime statement
  • Eaven – an adorable Irish name
  • Fifer – a musical name
  • Graceland – a unique honorific
  • Janvier – an appealing name though in France it’s for a male

For Boys:

  • Akello – an energetic but mellow boy
  • Bas – straightforward yet charming
  • Clem – laid-back and humble
  • Florent – steady classic
  • Galway – evocative name
  • Jadson – linked to professional surfer Jadson Andre
  • Land – simple and down-to-earth
  • Merce – having a bold originality aura
  • Spruce – means handsome
  • Whistler – fashionable and jolly

Aside from being famous, these popular baby names are also trendy. Any of them can be the best pair for your kid’s first name. How about that?

Yes, you already have the name lists to choose from. The next dilemma you might encounter is how will you know that you are getting the best name for your baby. Let’s continue.

Tips in Picking the Best Baby Names

  1. You might not think of it now but selecting the name for your kid can have a great effect in the future. This is not the kind of parent that you would want to be, right? So be careful in naming your son or daughter. Here are things to consider.
  2. Classic names do not have to be boring. Although these names may sound too old for this generation, there are still those with striking appellations. 
  3. Honor one’s culture. Think of your cultural background as this can be a great honor to your heritage. 
  4. Consider middle names. Having a middle along with the first name can be nice and distinct.
  5. Avoid passing the trends. It is good to hear that your child’s name is on-trend. However, also think if it remains trendy in the next 10 or more years.
  6. Outline your family tree. Get inspiration within your family tree. There can always be special in choosing a name from your family. 

With the name lists above, we are sure you can find the right name for your newborn. Consider the most popular baby names provided to guide you for the right choice. Also, we provide some tips on how to choose the name the suits your little one. 

Written by Stella Maris

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