Most Popular Web Browsers and Their Missing Features

Technology continuously grows to meet the increasing and changing demand for end-users. Thus, comes the evolution of the most popular web browsers. However, these browsers seem to lack features that will make Internet surfing more convenient and easier.

Features Most Popular Web Browsers Should Have

Famous and widely used web browsers should include the following features in their next upgrade:

Link Preview

The link preview feature of a browser gains a reputation in the virtual world for many years already. Many operating systems implement this in their tabs. In fact, YouTube did a similar thing with its player allowing you to preview the video frames. It is very useful as it allows readers to have a sneak peek of what will come. You will be able to see a quick preview of a web page as you hover over the text links.

Vertical Tabs

Vertical tabbing can be very helpful if you usually open several tabs in your browsers. Stop rummaging through multiple tabs and guess which one is right. This refrains you from cycling through different tabs at once.

Meanwhile, some browser extensions are able to develop vertical tabs. Many designs prefer side menus to hint at the preference of users for vertical layout.


This browser feature uses text editors for its implementation. The text editors allow you to see the whole page on a small box. Move a marker on the minimap so you can scroll through the page’s areas. Just imagine how easy would it be for you to hover on a long web page without searching and scrolling.

Selective Zoom

This feature allows you to look closer to a certain portion of text. Just zoom into the selected part of the text. Zoom in and out with ease. Double tap if you are using an android phone. This feature is necessary to be present in your browser.

Default Cursor (Pointer)

The pointer cursor is necessary for links and buttons. This feature will give you a hint on a hyperlink leading you to another page. It must be added to the browser and be at the edge.

Cookie Law Warning

The privacy legislation Cookie Law requires websites to get visitors’ consent in storing or retrieving information on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The information should have permission from the rightful owner. Although this feature is already present in websites, it is not yet built-in on the most popular browsers.

Link Types Indicator

Whether it is external or internal or a link to any common file type, it is a link type for online presence. Link types serve as straightforward indicators reasonable enough to get better traffic and extensive information on social media. When in browsers, anything can be great and beneficial in browsers be it be mobile or online.

With the features provided above, the most popular web browsers today could have been more edgy and advanced. So, hopefully, these features should be present in every browser to make research a lot easier for everyone.

Written by Stella Maris

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