The Best Sitemap Generator Tools for generating Visual Sitemaps

A visual sitemap will help you understand the website’s structure and the interconnection between the pages in the website by showing them in a hierarchical diagram.

So you will get an organized view of the website structure, which will help you conceptualize the website layout. In simple words, a visual sitemap can be drawn as a flow or tree diagram.

When it comes to creating a visual sitemap, a few different options are available. You can use a software program, a website builder, or even a do-it-yourself method. This article will explore the best sitemap generator tools and explain how to use them.

The Best Sitemap Generator Tools for Generating Visual Sitemaps

If you want to make a visual sitemap, nothing is better than a visual sitemap generator tool. You can design your website fast and easily in one way, and then if a new idea pops up in your mind, you can change the former design and revise it. These features save you time and energy.

In visual sitemaps, the web site’s structure is represented by a 2D graphic or 2D design in the form of a chart.

Some people love to draw their maps on paper, but when they make a little mistake, they have to draw the map all over again. You can avoid this time wastage and save energy by visual sitemap generators. 

Moreover, you can use these tools to grasp the work scope better, optimize website navigation, and avoid overlooking significant aspects of website architecture. Having said that, these are the ten best tools for creating visual sitemaps. You can find one that looks suitable for you in all aspects.

1. Creately

With the help of Creately, you can visualize the website structure of your website in the easiest way possible.


Various shapes, smart connectors, diagrams options, and unique colors are available on Creately. You can also have professionally drawn sitemaps as a template in the tool.

The other feature allows you to collaborate with your clients and teammates.

2. VisualSitemaps

You can have automatically generated site maps by the VisualSitemap tool. 

Features of VisualSitemaps

The sitemaps generated by this tool have screenshots of high resolution. These screenshots are of web apps. The visual sitemap tool is fast and easy to use.

Experts use this to perform a deep audit for UX, SEO, UI, and marketing research. VisualSitemaps is the best sitemap generator tool for creating visual sitemaps.

3. FlowMapp

FlowMapp is UX online tool that permits you to make visual sitemaps and help you to design websites, mobile apps, and products more effectively.

Features of FlowMapp

Flowmapp provides you with a hierarchical structure of the website and various other functions that include structuring data and the permission to save the context in communication between the team members.

You can make and edit the description and do professional discussions on a specific site card.

4. Gloomaps sitemap

The fundamental and more uncomplicated application available online for generating a sitemap is GlooMaps.


The features of this tool include creating a visual sitemap, content creation, and sharing. GlooMaps is the ideal tool for the ideas of sitemaps and prototyping. The other features of this tool are exportable, unrestricted success, and simple to use.

5. Sitemap generator

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can use Octopus for application and website development. You can create a fast, clear, and organized sitemap.


The first feature of Octopus is that you can create a sitemap and structure of the page content blocks that are simple to design and handle. You can also visualize the content of the blocks, which will help you understand the page layout.

You can organize the content in the pages by using color highlighters to highlight the content blocks. You can customize the color scheme and use them in your projects. You can also export your sitemaps in PDF, PNG, TXT, and XML formats.

6. MockFlow

MockFlow Sitemap introduces a new approach to quickly creating Sitemaps and User Interface Flows. MockFlow is the best sitemap generator tool.

Features of MockFlow

MockFlow has a vast range of features. That includes creating sitemap files, designing sites, guidance on the style, etc.

7. Slickplan

Slickplan has all the tools for you to create a fantastic website. You can generate visual sitemaps from Slickplan easily and quickly. Moreover, you can make user flow diagrams, design mockups, and content plans.

Features of Slickplan

Whether your site is of five pages or thousands of pages, Slickplan will help you organize them. Slickplan is a sitemap-generating tool to help you organize whether you are a small startup or a significant corporation.

Slickplan will also track your pages and content and help you to track user flow and site structure. Slickplan is the best sitemap generator tool for creating visual sitemaps.

8. Timblee

Timblee is a visual sitemap generator that helps you organize the screens into the most logical structure.

Features of Timblee

The organization of pages through Timblee helps users and visitors reach their destination faster and easier. It helps to improve search engine optimization. The visual sitemap generator Timblee does not depend on your site, whether your site has little or has hundreds of pages.

9. Writemap

Writemaps is the tools for web professional and experts to plan their website. Writemap is a free tool that generates visual sitemaps and gives you three free designs.

Features of Writemap

The features of this dedicated site builder involve a fast and elegant website creation process. You can add new pages, rename them, change the colors of the pages, re-order pages and undo and redo the pages.

10. Mindnode

Mindnode is a visual sitemap generator, but it is different from others because it helps plan any project.

Features of Mindnode

Mindnode sitemap generator is more helpful for those who have creative minds and like to design their thoughts. The visual sitemap generator will help you to make custom designs.

You can have an organized approach to outline the brainstorming. You can prioritize and add more context to the thoughts and focus on the related group projects that are not connected and keep track of the progress, and you are just a click away from starting a new map. 

Types of Sitemaps

There are three different types of sitemaps:

1. XML


3. Visual

XML Sitemaps Tools

An XML sitemap is an XML file that contains information about your website. You can create XML sitemaps using different tools. Search Engines such as Google can use an XML sitemap file to index your website faster and improve your website’s indexing in Google’s search results.

The XML sitemap helps the user find their destination quickly by an XML sitemap file. Following are the XML sitemap tools.

1. Inspyder Sitemap Creator

Inspyder Sitemap Creator is a tool for generating sitemaps of website pages and is very simple and fast to use. The best feature is that it is window-based. The tool can immediately scan the website and then generate XML sitemaps.

This simple tool can create sitemaps of XML and HTML types of website pages. Inspyder Sitemap tool generates the XML file.

2. XML sitemap Tools:

XML sitemap tools provide both free and paid versions. Fewer features are available in the free version, while the paid version has more features. The free XML tool only needs four steps. This tool can automatically create the sitemap.

3. XML Sitemap Tools for WordPress

We need plugins to create the XML sitemaps in WordPress. Now WordPress also has its feature of tools to generate sitemaps. WordPress plugins to create an XML sitemap in WordPress are available. XML tool also generate XML file. Search engines use this to recognize the data.

4. Google XML sitemaps

XML tool is an independent tool available as a plugin in WordPress. The reviews for the XML tool are impressive, having a five-star rating, and XML in Google is a quick and fast tool. XML in Google also creates an XML file. Major search engines can recognize it.

5. Generating Sitemaps For Search Engines With Yoast

Yoast SEO is a plugin available for WordPress for generating website sitemaps. The plugin has been around for years and the reviews are good, this tool is famous among SEO experts, primarily because of its flexibility in creating sitemaps for search engines like Google. People who do not have high-level experience in search engines optimization can utilize its advantages in generating a sitemap file and then submitting it to the Google search console.

How to Create a Visual Sitemap?

You can use the best sitemap generator tools for creating visual sitemaps. You can also use sitemap creator for ranking on Google and other search engines with just a few clicks. They help the search engine and Google analytics index your website URL and web page. A Mobile sitemap is also available.

1. You can use a mind map tool to create a visual sitemap of your website.

2. You can use a diagramming tool to create a visual sitemap of your website.

3. You can use an online sitemap generator to create a visual sitemap of your website.

4. You can use a software program to create a visual sitemap of your website.

5. You can use a word processor to create a visual sitemap of your website.

How Can You Create A Visual Sitemap In WordPress?

A visual sitemap allows you to display items, children, and parents in a tree-like structure. Let’s look at quickly creating a visual sitemap in WordPress. You can use the best sitemap generators for creating visual sitemaps.

The first thing you have to do is download and install the Slick Sitemap plugin. You have to make a navigation menu in WordPress to install the plugin.

You can use the WordPress navigation menu to design the menus with sub-menus. The sub-menus can have their sub-menu items.

This navigation menu will contain all the pages and articles you want to display in your visual map. You can also save this menu.

You can also create a new menu or modify an existing one to include the most important pages. The menu will be at the top of your visual sitemap.

It’s time to put up your visual sitemap after you’ve generated the menus. Go to Settings » Configure the plugin with a slick Sitemap page.

Lastly, go to the utility menu and save your changes by clicking the save button.

Sitemap FAQs:

What is a sitemap used for?

Visual sitemap: This is a visual representation of the structure of your website. It shows how your website is linked together.

HTML Sitemaps: HTML sitemaps display your sitemap file in a linked-based structure or format.

A Google sitemap can help you organize your website and improve your SEO.

What are visual sitemap tools?

Visual sitemap generators are a great way to visualize a website’s structure anatomically so to speak these are the easiest way to create sitemaps.

A visual sitemap can help you organize your website and improve your search engines optimization through an accurate keyword-to-page mapping. It can also help you find broken links and 404 errors on your website if the sitemap tool crawls your web server like a regular web spider such as Google bot.

The best sitemap generator tools for creating visual sitemaps are numerous.

If you have a team or multiple users that work on the website structure then these sitemap generation tools are very useful.

How often should I update my sitemap?

It depends. If you have a website then dynamic sitemaps will do this for you. If you are maintaining some visual sitemap then you might want to update your sitemap whenever you make changes to your website. 

How can I submit my sitemap to Google?

You can make it with Google by using the Google Search Console. You will need to create a free account and add your website to create a sitemap file. A Google sitemap improves indexing.

Then, once you have created a sitemap URL you can submit your sitemap by clicking on the “Sitemaps” tab.

Why is sitemap important?

A Site map is an essential part of any website. They help you organize your website and make it easier for a search engine to index your content. They help the indexing in search engines so that your web page content shows up higher in search engine results. Search engines like Google suggest adding a sitemap file to help your website’s pages get crawled and indexed faster. It’s pretty basic SEO. You can also use a SERP page checker to test indexation rates after submitting a sitemap that is slightly more advanced.

There are several ways that you can create a sitemap for your website, including using a mind mapping tool, diagramming tool, online sitemap generator, or software program. Google XML sitemaps is a tool where you can generate a sitemap.

Do you need sitemaps these days?

Some might say yes, they are crucial to making the index of Google. They help search engine crawlers in understanding the data of your website and its structure. They help the search engines as well as the users. You can use mobile sitemaps, video sitemaps, news sitemaps, and sitemap formats through inspyder creator. You can also make them by yourself through a txt file and ranking this txt file on search engine bots.

What is the Google XML sitemap generator?

The Google XML sitemap generator can provide HTML and XML features to your website.XML sitemap generator is a plugin that supports XML files.

Where Can I Find A Free Sitemap Generator?

Perform a Google search and you might find a free sitemap generator. Yes, you might find there are many tools available for free, or at least some that offer free trials. Some websites give you 30 days free trial of sitemap generating tools. You can find many google sitemap, HTML sitemaps, online XML sitemap generators, free sitemap generators, WordPress plugins on Google, and other search engines.

You can optimize your web page with its help. Pro paid version has more features. The online and mobile versions can also generate them and help you improve page content/ site content through the text file, organize all your pages, and help website visitors.

What is HTML Sitemap?

An HTML page containing the list subpages of the website is known as an HTML sitemap, and it is visible to all visitors because it is linked with the site’s footer.


Creating a visual sitemap of your website is a great way to organize your website and improve your SEO. Using one of the best sitemap generator tools, you can quickly and easily create a professional-looking sitemap.

Sitemaps are an essential part of any website. They help you organize your website and make it easier for search engines to index your content.

There are several ways that you can create a sitemap for your website, including using a mind map tool, diagramming tool, online sitemap generator, or software program.

Creating a visual sitemap is a great way to improve your SEO, no matter which option you choose. The best sitemap generator tools for creating visual sitemaps make the organization easy.

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