What are the Different Methods of Editing PDF Files?

Professionals all around the globe use PDF files to share information with their colleagues, managers, co-workers, etc. Besides employees, millions of people in different academic and professional fields also use the popular document format daily. According to Indeed, a PDF or Portable Document Format File is a format developed by Adobe that can be used to display text-based documents, illustrations, vectors, graphics, etc. It is deemed the industry standard when it comes to document formats. Moreover, the format is highly versatile, i.e., it is compatible with all major platforms and devices, including macOS and Windows.

There are multiple apps and programs which facilitate users to view PDF files. However, there are instances when users need to make changes to a pre-existing PDF file or create a new one. They cannot do it using an ordinary PDF reader app. Thankfully, numerous applications and programs on both macOS and Windows allow users to edit PDF files and make changes per their requirements. This article will shed light on various methods following which both macOS and Windows users can edit PDF files on their respective devices. Let us dive right into it:


If you use a Mac to work with PDF files, there are numerous methods following which you can edit PDF files with ease. Here is a look at some of them:

Using Third-Party Tools:

Mac’s App Store is home to many useful utilities and applications, including PDF editors. Here are some of the most powerful macOS-compatible PDF editors using which Mac owners can make changes to any PDF file without hassle:

Nitro PDF – Nitro PDF is an immensely popular macOS PDF editor that allows users to edit PDF documents easily. macOS users can use the app to edit text, insert pictures, and perform numerous tasks by using the app’s top-notch set of editing features. All the user needs to edit any PDF document using Nitro PDF is open the document that requires changes, highlight the text within the document, erase it and input the desired information. Besides this, users can also add pictures using the app’s drag-and-drop functionality.

pdfFIller – Another top-tier application that most macOS users opt for when it comes to editing PDF files is pdfFiller. The powerful app allows users to create, edit, manage and split PDF files with finesse. Besides this, the app also offers a feature using which macOS users can convert and compress PDFs to and from popular formats. Even though it is a paid app, its advanced features and functionalities make it worth the price tag.

To know more about editing PDFs on macOS, visit https://setapp.com/.

Using Native Utility:

Besides supporting top-tier third-party applications, macOS also features numerous feature-packed native apps, allowing users to perform specific tasks seamlessly. Here is the native tool you can use on your Mac to edit PDF files with ease:

Preview – The Preview tool of macOS is one of the best free apps using which you can edit PDF documents and tweak any aspect you want. All you need to do to add words to a PDF using Preview is open the app, place the cursor where you wish to insert text, click on the “Text” option in the “Tools” menu, and start typing. You can also adjust the font size, change its colors, etc.


Like macOS, Windows also offers users numerous apps and utilities to make changes to a PDF document without hassle. Here are two of the most popular apps:

Microsoft Word – Microsoft Word is a powerful word processing application that is used by millions of users worldwide for creating and managing word documents. Moreover, the app also offers users the functionality to make changes to PDF files. However, to edit a PDF file using MS Word, users need to convert it into a Word file and make the changes. All the user needs to do is open the MS Word application, navigate to the “Open” menu, access the PDF file they wish to edit, click on the “OK” option to convert the document, and make the required edits. Once the editing has been done, users can conveniently save the edited file as a PDF document as a PDF file by using the “Save As” option.

Adobe Acrobat – Adobe Acrobat, is Adobe’s very own PDF-editing application, which packs in exceptional editing tools and capabilities. It offers numerous advanced features and functionalities using which users can edit any PDF document according to their requirements. All the user needs to do to edit a PDF file using Adobe Acrobat is open the app, click on the “Edit” option in the toolbar, select the text or picture you wish to alter, and save the changes made using the “Save” option.

If you are searching for a top-tier PDF editor filled with useful editing features and tools, refer to the apps mentioned above and choose the best one per your requirements.

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