10 Most Popular Food Trends of Today

We may not be able to travel to different countries, especially in this era of the COVID-19 pandemic, but eating and drinking experiences are essential in tourism. People can still experience a variety of food cultures through the signature dishes and their lifestyle anywhere in the world. Let us find out what are the most popular food trends in the new normal.

Most Popular Food Trends These Days

Here are the lifestyle food trends most researchers and travelers observed:

Veganism and vegetarianism

The flux of people joining veganism and vegetarianism increases although both are hardly a trend. Many reconsider their meat-based diets over this lifestyle considering the issues on physical and mental wellbeing in these trying times. More and more consumers are giving up animal products for a more eco-friendly and healthier life.

Pantry Meals

The height of the pandemic leads the majority in society to familiarize themselves with the ingredients available at hand. People need to shop their pantries and make use of their overlooked dry and canned goods into sumptuous meals as grocery shelves and restaurant meals are in limbo. Such is a food-saving and money-saving skill and continues.

Smart Carb Alternatives or Swaps

Low carb eating now becomes an option to stay fit and one example is the keto diet. Cauliflower is a leading alternative to carb, which is usually pack in gnocchi and pizza crust. You can still dig in your favorite treats with this versatile trend replacing rice and other flour-based recipes.

Herbs, Mushrooms, and Roots

Our bodies need high nutrients, which is why vegetables are closely associated with healthy eating. These heavenly ingredients are packed with vitamins and adaptogens for the protection of your body. Herbs, mushrooms, and roots can be great additions to the meals of happy health-conscious diets.

Low-Waste Foods

The rise of climate change-related concerns leads to eco-conscious purchasing options. Adapting low-waste food measures requires a drastic reduction in unnecessary packaging and repurposing of food scraps. You can cut kitchen waste so you will be able to come up with viable, healthy meals.

Mental Health Cooking

Mental health has never been more significant since the pandemic. Food and its nutrients are crucial in the maintenance of man’s overall cognitive and mental health.


Takeout from favorite food chains and restaurants has now become one of the most popular food trends. This is one way of supporting the ailing restaurant industry due to the crisis. Start dialing up for a local joint for your food delivery or pickup.

Plant-Based Burgers

The hype for the plant-based burger food trend stays in the fast-food industry. Among other plant-based options are tenders, sausages, and deli slices. These are available at restaurants or you may cook up for yourself.

Elevated Desserts

Healthy eating brought attention to the population, and desserts are still at the center stage of the most popular food trends. Desserts are referred to as art with new trends and innovations from any part of the globe. Creativity here strikes with distinct ingredients and resources based on plants.

Milk Alternatives

Alternatives of milk such as coconut, almond, and soy already have their moment. This year, more offerings have their reign including hemp, oat, and rice milk. These new milk alternatives are now flooding the shelves in the supermarkets.

Culinary adventures can be a thrill this time with the scarcity and limitations of resources. However, this does not mean you cannot settle into your comfort zone and explore your own taste buds’ preferences. The most popular food trends listed above will be your guide for a healthier lifestyle then.

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