11 Things People Are Buying on Amazon During the Pandemic

Consumer spending on Amazon has increased ever since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic has moved the activities of people towards a more digital one and surveys show that consumers in emerging countries have shifted to online shopping. This goes with the income generation of the people online these days.

Government agencies around the world have issued executive orders that mandate people to stay at home and avoid crowded areas such as supermarkets and stores as part of their safety protocol. Therefore, people around the world began engaging themselves in online shopping to purchase their daily supplies and other important stuff.

There are many things that people are buying on Amazon during this time of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, people had consumed and stockpiled toilet papers and sanitizers during the early stage of the pandemic. Psychologists have found out in their studies that people who are emotional and conscientious tend to stockpile toilet papers and sanitizers. Here are 11 things people are buying on Amazon during this time of the pandemic.

1. 100W Macbook Pro Charger

Chargers are essential for charging electronic devices since they are being used most of the time during the time of the pandemic. The 100W Macbook Pro charger has high efficiency in charging that it can full charge your laptop in about 1 hour and 30 minutes. 

It has a built-in heat dissipation system that prevents the charger to overheat at full power output. This charger is compact compare to the original USB C MacBook Pro Charger and allows you to easily charge your laptop or Android phone that has a type C interface.

2. “Malibu Rising: A Novel” by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Staying at home can be hard but there are some activities which can help you overcome idle time at home such as reading a book. The book titled “Malibu Rising: A Novel” is a fictional best-selling book that talks about the famous Riva family and one unforgettable night of their annual end-of-summer party. This book provides insight into the choices and consequences made by each member of the family. The book is also available in digital and audio form when using the free Kindle Application.

3. Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop

More and more people are using laptops because they can use these laptops for work or watch online movies when staying at home during the pandemic. The Acer Aspire 5 Slim laptop is a powerful laptop that provides you with a powerful AMD Ryzen mobile process and 15.6 inches full HD In-Plane Switching screen which keeps your eyes from strain when working for long hours. The battery life of the laptop can reach up to 7.5 hours and has extensive connectivity. The laptop is also light and can be carried around with ease.

4. Wyze Cam v3

It is important to be able to monitor the surroundings of your house without getting out during this time of the pandemic. This security camera can be installed both inside and outside your house that records nighttime video in full and vivid color. It has a motion and sound detection system that sends an alert directly to your mobile phone. The camera has also loud two-way audio and a siren button that help scare off unwanted guests.

5. $10 PlayStation Store Gift Card (Digital Code)

Do you have the latest PlayStation console inside your home? This gift card allows you and console owners to purchase and access games, game add-ons, or rent movies at the safety of your home. You can purchase one for yourself or as a gift card for your friends and family. However, this gift card is only available for people located in the United States.

6. Hangyuan Push Popping Bubble Sensory Fidget and Stress Reliever Toy

Are you feeling the stress of staying at home during this time of pandemic? You can purchase this stress reliever toy that allows you and other players to take a turn in pressing down any number of mice in a single row. 

This toy is said to be effective in helping people with autism and stress relieve anxiety and restore emotions. The toy is also made from high-quality silicone materials and can be washed and cleaned after use.

7. Butyce Massage Gun Deep Tissue

This handheld device produces pulses of concentrated pressure deep into your muscles and tension out your muscles while improving blood flow. The gun massager is equipped with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that gives you 360 minutes of massage per charge. It has 7 applicators that can give you a full-body muscle massage. 

The gun massager has also a carrying case that you can carry anywhere.

8. Wonderful Pistachios Multipack

This nutritious and healthy snack can offer you nutrients and minerals that are great for your overall health during this time pandemic. The company owns, cultivates, and harvests acres of pistachio and almond in San Joaquin Valley in California. This snack is the perfect partner when watching movies or working at home. The snack is considered gluten-free and Non-GMO project verified.

9. Igloo Automatic Portable Electric Countertop Ice Maker Machine

The ice maker machine can produce ice whenever or wherever you need it. It looks good on any countertop and can keep your drinks cold all day long. This machine can create 9 small or large cylinder-shaped ice cubes in just 7 minutes. The ice maker machine can also come in different color options.

10. D’Addario EXL110W Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings

Do you own an electric guitar? Learning to play musical instruments such as an electric guitar has become one of the most sought activities during this time of the pandemic. These guitar strings come in a complete set and provide you long-lasting and distinctive bright tone on your electric guitar. The strings are also made of the highest quality nickel and professional guitarists around the globe are using them regularly.

11. Cloth Face Mask for Women with Filter Pocket and Built-in Wire

This face mask is specifically made for women that are breathable and comfortable. It has a built-in nose wire that makes the mask easy to fit your nose and prevents your glasses from fogging in cold weather. This mask is washable and does not shrink which can be used many times. This face mask for women is specially handmade to keep you safe and healthy during this pandemic.

This Covid-19 pandemic has been very hard for everyone around the world. People are being asked to stay at home and avoid going to public areas so that they can prevent the spread of the virus. Going to a physical store may be impossible but the availability of the Internet and online shopping has allowed people to buy the things they need at home. Thus, Amazon has become the biggest e-commerce company around the globe due to the shift of people’s behavior towards online shopping.

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