6 Most Popular Hashtags to Date

In today’s day and age, anyone who walks on the planet can be considered a cybercitizen, save for the Baby Boomers and Generation X. However, apart from being an adept Interweb user is the need to get a hang of the most popular hashtags around. A hashtag is not just a mere morphological element attached to the content, but a cross-reference for the subject shared. Nonetheless, some users out there are just putting it for fun without actually knowing the essence of its metadata tagging capability.

Shortlisted Famous Hastags

  • #photooftheday
  • #tbt
  • #lifeisgood
  • #followme
  • #outfitoftheday
  • #foodporn

Top of the Most Popular Hashtags Today

Some famous hashtags have become so conventional that no matter where you are in the online world, they are perpetually existent. In case you want to take part in a larger digital media community, you may as well, press your hashtagging ability into service. With this feature being the run-of-the-mill in microblogging, who knows your next post might become an Internet sensation? Anyhow, here is a list of the mainstream hashtags nowadays that may earn you a number of new followers, owing to the relevance of your content. Here are the most popular hashtags in our top list:


A captured moment is always a treasure to keep. If you love taking pictures of your day-to-day experience, this must be the ultimate hashtag for you. Also, #photooftheday may sometimes be tagged as #picoftheday or “bestoftheday. It all depends on what you like, but pretty sure, this will get you to a global audience. Get your shooting skill honed, and your shots will be good to go.


Who has not heard of TBT or Throwback Thursday? This hashtag has been around for almost a decade and yet, many people are still using it. TBT posts are for fond memories engraved in your phone and shared to the world only on Thursday. Cool, right? So, if you have photos back in the days that have not been made to the world wide web yet, mark your calendar that says, “Thursday”, so you will not miss your next #tbt.


When life does not go downhill, who would shy away from a photo of a refreshing walk in nature or a lavish meal tagged as #lifeisgood when it is genuinely accurate? Besides, it is a good mantra to keep, especially when everyone else around is sloping down to the spirals of life. Your social media content might serve as a reminder for them, that no matter the situation, #lifeisgood or at least it will eventually be.


Celebrities are born, not made. Hmmm, it may not be clear to you, but perhaps, you were born in today’s generation so your way to stardom is so much easier. #followme hashtag is popular amongst social media influencers. This helps them breed oodles of love from their myriad supporters in all corners of the world. What is more? Oodles of money also come along with their fan base being established.


A prominent pound sign for women, #outfitoftheday, or #OOTD is giving the audience a walk in the closet. Can be a little bit showy for some, but you bet, it is always nice to snap up a memory of a walking wardrobe on you. So hurry, get your newest collection out now, and show the world what you have got. Do not forget to put on a blissful smile, and say “cheese”.


For food lovers out there, nothing beats a toothsome gastronomic indulgence once in a while despite being exotic. That sense of adventure found in the belly-timber is the holy grail of a foodaholic who beavers away all week for one fantastic cuisine. This being in mind, who does not deserve a cinematographic proof of a luscious chow hashtagged #foodporn?

These are just the top six most popular hashtags today. If you want your photos seen elsewhere, it does not hurt to try these hash marks on your next posts without really sounding braggy. Remember to make the profile public, though. Otherwise, no one can see it.

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