Most Popular Dating Apps to Help You Find the One

Finding your one true love is almost a myth especially if you have failed in relationships a thousand times. Thanks to the advent of the most popular dating apps. It is almost like a monstrous death to some, while a joyous exit to despairing souls who cannot see eye to eye with each other. Still and all, everyone deserves a life with a partner who can be the beacon that helps them come through unscathed in the gloaming chapter of their lives. 

The question is, where and when can this so-called amaranthine romance transpire in this seemingly hopeless world? The search can be far and wide, but here are some of the most famous dating sites that might help you find your way to that one special person your weary heart has hungered for in years.


Swipe here, swipe there, and click here has been a customary statement to many of its users. Yet, while considered to be a casual place to find love, this leading platform amongst all famous apps for dating has been able to help several dispirited individuals who had almost given up hope for soul-search. And since it is available for free, who will not be tempted to give it a try? There might be hurdles brought by the ongoing pandemic, but you know there is always a way to make your first date happen, right?


Famed to be the primary rival of Tinder, Bumble is far from the usual dating sites. Heterosexual matches are initiated by its female users that give women the freedom to make the first move. And unlike the typical dating apps, same-sex matches are also given highlights. That said, both alpha-females cannot shy away from finding their potential life partners.


In its years of existence, OKCupid has brought thousands of hopeful couples to the altar. As an international dating site, it is well-reviewed for successful unions between Westerners and Asians. However, that does not mean that only the West and the Orient have been successful. It discriminates no race and has served its members extensively worldwide.


‘Tis a place perfect for middle-aged men and women. Accessible through iOS and Android devices, this mobile dating app has millions of active mature users from different areas of the world. So if you feel like meeting someone established with a lot of insights in life, this should be the best option for you. Who knows, MeetMe can finally take you to your Mr. or Ms. Right. 

Plenty of Fish

As the name suggests, this Canadian-based online dating site is dubbed to have the most prominent number of active users particularly in the United Kingdom, the Americas, and of course, Canada. Users are typically in their early adulthood, thus, recognized as a social media platform with the youngest users next to Bumble. First launched in 2010, it has garnered several millions of members that continue to grow each week at present. 


Now, here is a place ideal for the third sex. Grindr is a location-based dating app widely available geo-socially to the members of the LGBTQ community. Registration costs not a penny for both iOS and Android users. However, if you wish to get better services, you can always opt for the premium versions, Grindr XTRA and Grindr Unlimited.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Here is another interesting place to meet like-minded people. When conversations get boring, you do know firsthand that a simple tinge of your favorite morning brew can thoroughly bring about the best in you. So, if you are up for something extra delightful, you know where to find your next potential partner in crime is. 

Creating meaningful connections with someone you love or someone you might have fallen head over heels with is not always an easy experience. Nonetheless, one unsuccessful relationship is not a barometer of you, being a failure. These most popular dating apps may be able to help you navigate your way towards a lifetime commitment. Sign up for any one of these and see for yourself what happens next.    

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