Most Popular Video Games You Can Play

You probably know the most popular video games if you are a fan or connected to the gaming world. Yes, there are a number of video games out online in years, from the modern multi-player action games to the classic ones. However, which ones do you think will really hook you?

Top Video Games for You

Here, we list the most played and the most popular video games you might have played or might want to try if you haven’t yet.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Millions of players get to play this video game since it is free-to-play by Activision. Warzone, unlike the other battle royale games, hosts royal matches of 150 battling players. There are many options for players: solo, duo, trio, and quad. This PC game will be worth trying if you’re a fanatic of a multiplayer video game.


Since its release in 2011, Minecraft has never been out on the top list. Its potential made Microsoft decide to buy it in 2014. It has grabbed a significant number of players even though playing it is not free of charge. It allows gamers to explore a 3D world, extract the raw materials so they can build any structure they want. Players may also interact with the other players anywhere across the globe.

Animal Crossing

Nintendo Switch’s Animal Crossing: New Horizon enables you to construct your preferred village. The video game allows you to interact with the other gamers and explore their creations. This will be your chance to live your fantasy virtually. It became a hub for virtual protests, weddings, and other activities during the quarantine caused by the pandemic.

Grand Theft Auto 5

From its year of release in 2013, Grand Theft Auto 5 by Rockstar remains one of the reputable video games for 10 years. Its online version Grand Theft Auto Online became generate income for Rockstar through its in-game transactions. This makes the game the most profitable among the entertainment products.

League of Legends (LOL)

Players were never disappointed in gameplay with LOL when it comes to gameplay. This is a multiplayer game remains unbeatable since it was released again in 2009. It is free and fun to play. This is why trying out this game is easy for new players without losing anything at all.

Ghost of Tsunami

The Ghost of Tsunami is a PS4 exclusive which is designed during the Mongol invasion in Japan. It features exceptional action gameplay. Its graphics are distinct and beautiful then explore Tsushima. In fact, it is one of the titles of Sony envied by Xbox and PC gamers.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Since the first game of Final Fantasy in 1987, the franchise already made more than $10.9 Billion in revenue until 2019. This makes it the highest-grossing franchise of video games and one of the most notable as well like the Youtube sensations. The remake of the game came out just last year and was included in the top list.

Streets of Rage 4

Beat ‘em up game Streets of Rage is designed for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, and PS4. It was in 1991 when its first three editions for Genesis and became remarkable. Its fourth edition was released in 2020. Its music, graphics, and action will surely give you its modern feel.

These famous video games could also be something you can try while being confined at home due to COVID-19. Check the list above and see for yourself which among the most popular video games will keep you playing.

Which of these most popular video games will you be playing after reading this then?

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