Most Popular Youtubers and Their Net Worth in 2020

With the advent and accessibility of the internet today, videos on various niches are made available anytime, anywhere. These videos are in various categories such as comedy, education, music, technology, and gaming. Some of the video creators amassed a great number of followers, which make them the most popular Youtubers in 2020. 

The YouTube Stars

These so-called YouTube sensations, personalities, celebrities, or whatever they may be called have established their names in the industry. Yes, they are the ones with the greatest number of subscribers and high earnings mainly by creating, producing, and sharing video content with high quality.

So, who are the most famous and highest-paid among these in the YouTube community this year? Let’s check them out with the following list.

Top 5 YouTubers in 2020

Ryan’s World (Ryan Kaji)

First in the spotlight is Ryan Kaji, a nine-year-old boy followed by his 41.7 million subscribers. Forbes names him as the top-earning YouTuber with approximately $29.5 million-$12.2 billion pay from June 2019 to June 2020. 

The channel of Kaji, Ryan’s World, offers viewers reviews. In fact, he has a toy line occupying mainstream shelves. He even made his way to shows on Roku and Nickelodeon.

MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson)

With his 47.8 million subscribers and three billion views, no wonder Jimmy Donaldson gained the second spot in the list. Donaldson has an estimated earning of $24 million by far.

MrBeast himself made a reputation for his expensive ideas and giveaways in most of his content. By record, he was one of the creators with the most views in 2019.

Dude Perfect (Garret Hilbert, Cory and Coby Cotton, Tyler Toney, and Cody Jones)

Dude Perfect is a five-man channel followed by 57.7 million subscribers. The channel reached 2.77 billion views, giving the group a $23 million earning. 

This circle of friends is notable for its sports-trick videos. They have been on the top list for the highest-earning and most popular YouTubers for years. 

Rhett and Link (Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal)

The 41.8 million followers and 19 billion views of duo Rhett and Link made them earn $20 million. 

Initially, both are notable for their series “Good Mythical Morning.” They are considered as veterans in the platform and among its long-standing celebrities. Also, they have been highly earning for several years now.

Markiplier (Mark Fischbach)

YouTube star Markiplier gained 27.8 million followers amassing 3.1 billion views on the platform. This made him earn about $19.5 million this year.

Forbes notes that this veteran has been on YouTube for eight years now. He still managed to keep a steady fame although he has been sharing content for years. His contents have been focused on video games. However, he teamed with Ethan Nestro’s CrankGamePlays for Unus Annus, a channel about ephemeral stunts. However, the new channel was deleted after a year of content sharing on November 13, 2020.

There you go with the most subscribed and high-earning YouTube channels and stars. The impetus of video creation allows everyone to be the next celebrity on any social media platform. Start producing and sharing content now, you might just be one of the most popular YouTubers in the months or years to come. 

Written by Stella Maris

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