The Most Popular Email Providers Since the Birth of The Internet

Email providers have been around since the dawn of the Internet. They help people send and receive electronic mail. However, over time, they have evolved into a social media platform that connects people with others who share their interests. This blog post discusses which email providers are the most popular today.

Electronic mail, or email, is the most convenient and fastest way of sending digital letters to other people using electronic devices. People in the 1960s have limited use of email and users can only send emails to other users using the same computer. Today, more and more people and businesses are using Emails since it is cheaper and faster than the traditional mail system. Also, you can attach electronic files such as photos, text documents, and data sheets and send them to several contacts simultaneously.

The Importance of Email Address

Email is considered one of the most common forms of communication with other people in the business world. You create a specific email address so that you can receive and respond quickly to important emails. Having an email address will make your business image looks much more professional and genuine, making people feel more comfortable dealing with you. You may collaborate with your colleagues so that sending and managing meeting requests will be easier.

Top 3 Email Providers

Here are some of the most popular email providers.


Google Inc. introduces and provides people globally with a free email service. This service offers users a storage capacity of one gigabyte in 2004. They increased their storage to 50 gigabytes since then and allowed users to receive 25 megabytes of files. Google has integrated Gmail with many of its products such as Google Chat, Google+, and Google Hangouts. The company has also introduced the use of transport layer security (TLS) that automatically encrypt emails that are sent and received.

Yahoo! Mail

This email service launched its email products in 1997 and has offered three email plans for personal use and one for businesses.  Users of this service use the webmail interface to access and manage their mailboxes.

You can open an account using the domain “” or a national domain such as “” for UK users or “” for those in France. Also, mobile applications for Yahoo! Mail are now available for download.

Microsoft acquired MSN Hotmail in 1997 and was later phased out in 2011 to relaunch the service as in 2012. Although has the same webmail services as other major email providers, it has promised to respect the privacy of all its users, and personal conversations are entirely advertisement-free. provides unique email addresses to their users called aliases that allow them to sign in instead of their complete email account. Users can also make a Skype video call within

Password – Defense against unauthorized Access

Do you know that unprotected computers will allow hackers to access your computers and steal your personal information? Hackers and the use of malicious software have been rampant since the birth of the Internet.

That is why it is important to create a strong password to keep your information secure from hackers.  You are also required to regularly change your passwords so that you can prevent malicious software installed to use your password. You must set different passwords across your multiple accounts to ensure maximum security.

Use long passwords but not dictionary words as hackers may run various dictionaries to crack them. Using a mix of lowercase and uppercase letters can help you create the most secure password. You are also not required to write down your password because other people can easily access your accounts.

Communication has been easier ever since the birth of the Internet and the introduction of email. Every person should at least own an email account since webmail companies are offering them for free. All they must do is choose their favorite webmail company and sign up for their free email services. Moreover, it is necessary to set up a strong and unique password to protect your account from hackers.

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