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The Most Popular Kpop Groups Your Playlist Needs

Have you done a playlist check lately? Steer clear of your outdated tunes as you might have missed some of the newest hits from the most popular Kpop groups these days. If you are sick and tired of hearing the same songs over and over again, maybe it is time to go through the latest singles chart and see for yourself what the billboard has to offer. Some of the newly released tracks might just be the best complement to your lifeless tea-time.

Quick List:

  • BTS
  • iKON
  • Stray Kids
  • Got7
  • Twice
  • Blackpink

6 of the Most Popular Kpop Groups Today

Ready? Tune-up and put your headphone on sprightly. The following list of Kpop artists can thoroughly get your groove on. Be attuned to the orchestration and be prepared to spread those supple arms and move around like nobody is watching. You also had better get your space all cleared up as these newly grown celebrities are now here to keep your feet to the beat.

BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan or Bulletproof Boy Scouts)

Who does not hear about BTS? It seems like there is no area on the planet today that knows not a song or two from this fanciable boy group. With their newest Grammy nomination, who would have known that the used-to-be lowly Asian groups can get to international stardom? Thanks to these talented hunky young men, the Korean entertainment industry has now captured the heart of the world. 

iKON (a name derived from the word “icon”, which has a “K” that represents the K-pop culture)

A group of seven, these other handsome young men also have what it takes to soar high in the international entertainment industry. iKON members are not just entertainers. They are survivors! Unlike most artists with a lucky spot to stardom, this talented act went through a tough survival competition that earned them an undeniable music prominence today. Their songs are also self-written and produced, all the more reason why iKON deserves resounding applause. Yeah!!

Stray Kids (originally named as “Boy’s Project Team”)

Another boy group formed through a reality show, Stray Kids are not just competitive by nature but naturally gifted with the groovy musical flair. They have won a global audience since the group debuted and launched their first single in 2017. Stray Kids used to be a nine-piece group that shrank into eight in 2019 after one of its members left for some personal reasons. 

Got7 (a name created under the concept of “seven lucky people come together”)

Street dancing is not new to anyone, but what sets this boy band apart is their ability to incorporate martial arts tricks in their performances. People love to see something extraordinary and Got7 has got more than just the moveLaunched in 2014, the group remains active in the entertainment scene with new dance routines to show off their million fans out there.

Twice (a group meant to touch people’s hearts “twice”)

A girl group with a large fan base from different parts of Asia, Twice, is a fusion of talents and cultures. All nine of them do not just come from one race, and this makes them even more interesting to their supporters. The group was launched in 2015 through a TV show called “Sixteen” where their abilities were tested all-encompassingly. The hit song “Cheer Up” of these famous women earned several awards including the “Best Performing Single” and “Song of the Year” in the following year. 

Blackpink (inscribed into the hearts of their million fans that “Pretty Is Not Everything)

The group went into stardom in 2016 and has been on the billboard several times. Their song “Ice Cream” has secured them a very good spot on international charts. That same song made them the highest-charting female act from Asia. With the members’ fluency in the English language, there is no doubt they can conquer the international music scene. 

These are just some of the most popular Kpop groups to keep tabs on. Who are your favorites among these Korean idols then? There are still many that could make it to the list just like Red Velvet, Girls’ Generation, and Super Junior. Nevertheless, whether you are feeling dancy or lulling to slow melodic beats, you know that there is always an oasis waiting in the heart of your playlist. Update it now! 

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