Today’s Most Popular Travel YouTube Channels with Meaningful Stories to Tell

Sifting through the bucket list, thinking where to cast your globetrotting longings during the pandemic? It’s not easy to be stuck in one place right now, but here are some of the most popular travel YouTube channels you can delight your super deprived, fun-loving, adventure-seeking self. You may not be there for real, but you’ll surely get an equal dose of fun. If not, then at least there’s such an imaginary landing place for your restless feet.

Randomly Selected Most Popular Travel YouTube Channels

Below are some of the famous travel-related YouTube channels to date:

Mountain Trekker 

Up for some mountain adventures and hitchhiking escapades? Millennial travel junkies have no doubt unraveled the truth behind the art of traveling. Psychedelic places, vibrant people and heavenly edibles have all fed the travel-hungry soul. Be that as it may, if someone took you to the highlands and meadows of India, would you dare do? Hosted by Varhun Vagish, this young Indian travel vlogger won’t trail away when you need some refreshing walk with nature. Traversing from the regions of India to the snowcapped Himalayan Mountains, this really is something you should consider watching.

Fearless and Far

In the context of how social media works, the world today is incontestably within reach. Psyched up for the off-the-beaten-path? Wend your way to one of the most subscribed travel YouTubers around, Mike Corey. Fearless as his vlog says, this revolutionary vagabond will take you to places away from the mainstream. If you’re fond of discovering weird cultures and the road less traveled, then this is your place to be. 

Eva zu Beck

Want a female-oriented travel cinematographic memoir? A woman who’s been able to capture the hearts of her two million followers, Eva zu Beck is a real deal. She’s traveled to unknown places and has documented fascinating inland odysseys. A lady traveling solo, trying to discover the gems of the earth, is simply one of those popular social media influencers that make the famous YouTube channels the rendezvous place for aspiring wanderlusters like you.

Drew Binsky

American travel vlogger, Drew Binsky, wasn’t a typical student who would bury his head in books and burn in midnight oil. In his young college life under a study abroad program, he managed to take trips and documented his backpacking expeditions throughout Europe. By far, he’d visited almost 200 countries until the strains of Covid-19 brought his journey to a standstill. Yet, like the other travel channels, his can be assumed superbly mind-blowing knowing that this young man is a Guinness World Record holder.

Hopscotch the Globe  

Hopscotching is absolutely fun, but it’s a fivefold blast if you’re Hopscotching the globe. The thrills of the untold are quintessentially eye-opening, especially when you’re trying to drift away from the mainstreams of life. Run by a family of four, including their dog, Hopscotch the Globe won’t only take you to bizarre places but give you tips and advice for every travel destination you have in mind. 

Lost LeBlanc

Content creator and adventurer, Christian LeBlanc, has an analogous backstory as those who quit their jobs and pursued traveling. Young and free, LeBlanc boldly left home to start the first leg of his journey as a travel filmmaker. With almost two million fans out there, this man is no doubt more successful now than when he had his financially stable 9-5 job. He’s been admired by many young go-getters as he continues to explore the edge of the world. 

These are just a few of the most popular travel YouTube channels that can acquaint you about the world you live in. Remember, though, the high jinks in life aren’t found in the ordinary. You need to step out of your comfort zone and snap up every opportunity that comes along. Only then, your truest mission will rest upon. Be safe, and have a great journey!

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