Most Popular Italian Names For Boys and Girls

When it comes to picking out your baby’s name, you want to choose something that represents their heritage. The best way to do this is by choosing the most popular Italian names. It is a great choice for families with a strong family history, and it also encourages kids to respect their parents and grandparents.

most popular italian names

Some of the most popular Italian names for boys and girls are based on religious and cultural values, while others are simply unique and beautiful. Some of these are traditional Italian names that have been around for generations and others are brand new, but they all represent the culture of Italy in one way or another!

Popular Italian Girl Names

The most common Italian girl names are Anna, Beatrice, Benedetta, Chiara, and Caterina. These are all classic Italian names that have been in use for generations and rank high on both the Italian and US charts.

Peak Popularity: This Italian baby girl’s name has been in the top 10 for over 20 years and was ranked number 1 in 2000 and 2001. However, it has remained out of the top 1000 in the U.S.

Fun Fact: In Italian, the pronunciation of Alice is a-LEE-cheh, not a-LOU-cheh like the English version.

  1. Arianna is a popular Italian girl name that has Greek origin. It is derived from the Greek mythological character Ariadne, who helped Theseus escape a labyrinth.

  2. Aurora is a popular Italian girl name, which is derived from the Latin aurora, meaning “dawn.” The name is associated with the Roman goddess of dawn and is considered to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and the promise of a new day.

  3. Beatrice is a classic Italian name with a nice old-fashioned feel. It’s a great option for parents who are interested in vintage names.

  4. Benedetta is a beautiful and exotic-sounding girl name that has classic Italian connotations. It also means “blessed.” This popular Italian baby name is a great choice for your little one.

  5. A variant of Helen, Elena is a pretty name with an evocative meaning. It’s a popular choice for parents who like the sound of Greek names.

  6. Eleonora is derived from the Greek Helene, which means “light” or “to shine.” It’s a traditional choice for many Italian girls and a common name in the United States.

  7. Emilia is a strong and enduring name that has a rich history. It’s a variant of the Germanic Amalia, and it’s derived from Greek names for blood.

  8. Emma is one of the most popular Italian girl names. The name is rooted in Germanic words meaning “whole” or “universal.” It’s also a nod to Jane Austen’s novel Emma, which follows the adventures of Emma Woodhouse and her family.

  9. Flavia is a popular Italian girl’s name. It means “ladylike”.

  10. Ludovica is a popular Italian girl’s name. It derives from the Greek name Lida, which means “of Lydia” or “of the land of Lycus,” an area in Asia Minor (present-day Turkey).

  11. Michele (one “L,” pronounced [mi’ke:le]) is an Italian name that’s often used as a girl’s name. It’s a popular choice for parents looking to add a touch of class to their baby’s name.

  12. Alessandra is a name of Greek origins, meaning “defender of mankind.” It is a softened version of the masculine Alexandra. Alessandra is a member of the Alexander family of names, one of the most successful, long-lasting, timeless and classical of all given names within Western Civilization.

  13. Camila is a popular Italian name that has a strong link to Latin origins. It’s derived from the word “camillus” which means religious attendant or priest’s helper.

Popular Italian Boy Names

The most common Italian boy names are: Paolo, Giuseppe, Rocco, Giovanni, and Antonio. These are all old-school names that have been used for generations and have seen slight increases and declines throughout the years.

Traditionally, male-given names in Italy are never preceded by an article except in Northern Italian regional usage. This is a rule that can be confusing for non-Italian speakers, but it’s the norm in the region.

It’s also common to name your child after their paternal grandfather or grandmother. Many Italian parents do this, and it’s a nice way to honor your family history.

  1. Mario, derived from the Roman god of war, Mars, is a timeless and powerful name. This is a popular choice for modern-day boys.

  2. Massimo, a name that is associated with a famous chef, is another strong and timeless choice for an Italian boy. It’s a name that will make you feel good when your son hears it.

  3. Luca is a cool choice for an Italian boy. Its English version is Lucas, which means “bringer of light.” Luca has exploded in popularity over the last ten years and continues to gain momentum.

  4. Remo is a short, sweet, and endearing Italian boy’s name that comes from the myth of Rome’s founding brothers, Romulus and Remus. This is a name that is easy to say, even for a non-Italian speaker!

  5. Emesto is a cool name for an Italian boy that evokes strength and leadership. It’s a name that can be a great choice for a family that loves to have a strong leader who works hard and always gets the job done. This is a name that will be a strong part of your little boy’s life, and will help him grow into a strong and confident young man!

  6. Guglielmo is theItalian version of William is a strong name that’s loved by many Italian families. It means “resolute protector.” Famous Guglielmo’s include Guglielmo Marconi who was a famous Italian aviator and scientist.

  7. Antonio is a great way to honor your son! It is an ancient name and has been in the top one thousand names for decades. This name also has a number of famous people attached to it, such as actor Antonio Banderas and opera singer Antonio Ciccone.

  8. Brutus is an interesting name that has a big back story. It is a popular name in Shakespeare, where you can see Brutus being asked by Caesar, “Et tu Brute?”

  9. Emilio is the perfect name for a boy who is passionate about success. It is a name that will encourage him to do his best and be the best. It is a name that will help him grow into the person he wants to be!

  10. Dante is a beautiful choice for your little one. It’s a perfect name for parents who want to keep things spiritual and meaningful for their son.

  11. Matteo is a popular name for baby boys, with origins that can be traced back centuries. It is a variation of the classic name Matthew and means “gift of God,” making it an excellent choice for families with religious backgrounds.

  12. Emiliano is a name that has ancient Roman roots. It’s also a euphonic form of Aemilius and can mean “imitated,” “rival,” or “defender.” If you have this name, it suggests that you are strong and confident but gentle. You are loyal to family and friends and willing to help those in need. It also symbolizes that you are a leader. You are creative, artistically oriented, and willing to put your heart into everything you do.

  13. Emanuele is one of the most popular names in Italy and is especially well-suited for boys. This is an elegant, yet edgy, name that has stood the test of time. Its origins are unknown, but it could be related to the Greek word “Joulus,” meaning downy-bearded.

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