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    The World’s Most Popular Languages Today

    Language is vital in human communication, but did you know that some of the world’s most popular languages are spoken today after English? Have you heard the popular languages that can help people gain success in life? Yes, language has allowed humans to effectively share ideas, thoughts, and feelings with one another by mastering a complex system of […] More

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    The 25 Most Popular Movies of All Time by Total Gross Revenue

    What are the most popular movies of all time? You may think that this is a difficult question to answer, but it’s surprisingly easy. The answer is in the box office revenue for each film. Box office revenue can indicate how well the public and its popularity have received a movie. This blog post will list 25 movies […] More

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    5 of the Most Popular Artists of All Time

    Have you ever ambitioned of becoming a popular artist of all time?  Have you ever dreamed of seeing your beloved art object being displayed inside a museum?  Becoming an artist is not an overnight development because it takes years of practice and a lot of determination to perfect its skills and creative talents.  As per definition, an artist […] More

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    Most Popular Ted Talks Today

    Have you ever attended any Ted (technology, entertainment, design) Talks?  Did you know that the most popular Ted Talks offers a series of conferences that covers many different and interesting topics such as technology, design, and entertainment?  Indeed, the TED community are inviting you and everyone around the globe who are seeking a deeper understanding about the world […] More

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    Most Popular Search Engines Today

    In this era of mankind, convenience and comfort are indisputably at hand. Thanks to the most popular search engines today, digital errands and research work are carried out easily. Whilst the world at large is doomed with the hustle and bustle of these highly industrialized times, the significant role the Internet plays is unthinkable. This has been one […] More