The Most Popular Rap Songs

Rap artists have made quite an impression on popular culture in the United States with their rap music. Rap music has taken over many genres that were once reserved for mainstream and alternative music. From teenage rage to classic rap and hip hop, rap artists and producers have been at the forefront of music for over 20 years now. Thus, the most popular rap songs come to limelight.

Rap music is a genre that mainly consists of lyrics and beats, sometimes with vocals or instrumental. In rap music, the words and phrases are said exaggeratedly, often using exaggerated slang words, while the beat is usually smooth and steady. Rap artists and producers have developed several popular songs that are notable among rap music’s most popular genres.

Rap artists that have been doing rap music for a long time have come to be considered among the most influential rappers and producers throughout history. The most popular rappers of today have recorded some of the best rap songs, and they also produce some of the most original beats and rhymes. Rap music also includes other genres such as house, techno, hip hop, reggae, and rock.

Most Popular Rap Songs of Time

Rap artists and producers have also come under fire for their use of guns, ammunition, police brutality, drugs, and other controversial imagery in their rap songs. However, not all well-known rap artists have been accused of violent lyrics. Many rappers have been accused of lyrical content that may not reflect the real message of their songs. An example is a rap about how the artist’s gun would shoot someone or when he sings about using illegal substances.

Here are some of the remarkable rap songs:

“The Bigger Picture”

Lil Baby’s “The Bigger Picture” stands out in the music charts with its powerful lyrics. The song hits mainly on systematic oppression with hope to call for action. It is very relatable to life’s afront experiences that cannot be changed overnight.


“Savage” is the outcome of the collaboration of Megan Thee Stallion and Beyonce. The song has a striking approach giving it a more incredible remix. It talks about leadership and being savage for a good reason.

“Toosie Slide”

Who doesn’t know the TikTok craze these days? You are late to the trend if you don’t have a TikTok dance entry to “Toosie Slide” by Drake. The song serves as a guide on how to perform a moonwalk, the Michael Jackson way.

“No Vaseline”

For instance, in the song “No Vaseline,” by Ice Cube the beat is heavy and pulsing. The lyrics state that more rappers get away with murder because they don’t have any “Vaseline.” This line refers to a rapper who gets away with shooting a victim and leaving them to die of a bullet wound in the street.

“Wit Me”

Another examples of rap lyrics featuring murder are “Famous,” by Kanye West, “Runaway” by Kanye West featuring Pusha T, and “Wit Me” by T.I. These are just a few of many hip hop artists who have released tracks with lyrics that include mentions of violence.


Another popular rap song that features a murder-related lyric is “Criminal” by Eminem. This song has one of the most disturbing rap lyrics ever heard on the radio. The song depicts the rapper as a criminal, saying that he is not a violent person, but a person who hates the crime.

The song goes on to say that Eminem’s song doesn’t even take place on the streets. In the verses of the song, Eminem states that he hates crime, a reference to his mental anguish. He goes on to sing that he is not afraid to shoot the police officer that arrested him for drug possession.

“Lose Yourself”

Another song by Eminem is “Lose Yourself.” The artist raps that he doesn’t want to get caught thinking of being imprisoned. This song contains a chorus saying that he is done for good.

Eminem has released several other songs created while he was in jail for assault charges. He was one of the biggest rappers of his time and one of the biggest hip-hop stars. It is not believed that he wrote some of the most controversial lyrics in the history of hip hop.

Rap artists taking up a much more prominent role in mainstream music. The prevalence of murder in rap lyrics has increased significantly over the past few years. This increase in murder-based lyrics leads researchers to discover that more people are listening to rap music. Researchers think that this may lead to higher crime rates.

No matter the lyrics of the most popular songs, they made a spot in the industry of rap music.

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