The Most Popular Nike Air Jordan Basketball Shoes

The most popular Nike Air Jordan brand shoes on the market are those that come from high-end fashion lines, such as Diesel and Puma. These shoe brands are designed to look like regular basketball sneakers. They have a completely different look compared to the other basketball shoes. These specific brands are worn as shoes with matching outfits rather than for basketball.

The original Nike Air Jordan was created by Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. This original version was made for the NBA with its detachable spikes for easy washing. Eventually, the NBA changed its rules and started using this type of shoes for basketball games because they looked cool, and they played well too. The brand took over the basketball world and quickly became very popular. Meanwhile, the original set of Air Jordan was sold for millions.

The All-Star Air Jordan Basketball Shoes Lines

Now, Nike has changed the design to make them more athletic and comfortable, which they call the ‘All-Star’ line. The All-Star line comes in different styles and designs, so there’s something for everyone. Some of the best-known names in sportswear have designed some of the best Air Jordan versions in the market today. The ‘All-Star’ series is the most popular among them.

The Color Rush Series

The black and white ‘Color Rush’ series is the most popular style of Air Jordan. It was designed by Jordan Brand creators. This model is extremely popular and isavailable at a great discount. The shoes come with special graphic designs and they look even better when worn with matching accessories.

The Air Jordan Black Edition

The black and white ‘Black Edition’ models, are almost like replicas of the famous Jordan sneakers but have a much different style. This pair has a matte finish and comes in a variety of colors, with different graphics on the tongues, and soles. While they don’t have as much detail as their color counterparts, they are still a great buy for basketball fans.

The Lil Blue Series

The ‘Lil Blue’ Jordan series is a great addition to your wardrobe. These are available in both black and white and have the same design elements, but with a lighter shade of blue on the soles. The tongue is also black but it’s not the usual black that you’ll find on most Air Jordan. This model is also available in various color combinations such as light blue/white, blue/red, blue/green, and a whole host of other hues.

The ‘All-Star’ Jordan series has been designed by the same people who created the ‘Black Edition’ models, but these are a little different. They’re designed by Kanye West, who created the ‘The Blueprint’, and is one of the biggest music stars in the world. Scottie Pippen designed their series of Air Jordan.

‘Nike’ Air Jordan is very popular among basketball players and fashionistas alike. You can get the basic black version if you want something basic. Get the ‘All-Star’ version, the ‘Color Rush’ series, or even the ‘Lil Blue’ variation if you’re looking for something that’s unique.

The Tears in the Grass Model

The ‘Tears in the Grass’ Jordan models are a great buy if you are a fan of the famous Nike Air Jordan. They’re black/blue which has the same designer as Air Jordan.

While these Jordan styles are incredibly popular, they don’t go out of style. In fact, they tend to be just as popular as they were during the previous seasons.

As the years go by, the Nike and Jordan lines continue to evolve and become more advanced in technology and design. Even the most popular Nike Air Jordan, like the Black and White models, will remain as the leading selling shoes for basketball. These models have an excellent style and high performance at an affordable price.

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