Updated Top 10 Most Popular Sports in America

Yes, we’ve listed the famous sports in America. Let’s get to the latest survey. What do you think are the most popular sports in America now? Follow through and let’s find out.

Remarkably, United States still has the reputation of having a strong sports heritage that roots from their high school and college sports, to the National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB), and the National Basketball Association (NBA), etc.

Most Popular Sports in America

Below are the most-watched, most played, most revenue-generating, and most popular sports in America.

American Football

It was in 1869 when American Football was incepted in New Jersey and continues to become a notable sport in America in over a century now. There has been an increase in the number of NFL viewers after years of its decline due to a politically motivated controversy.


Basketball has played in the U.S. for more than a century and has produced some of the most eminent personalities in the country. This sport has earned attention at different levels from high school to college basketball, NBA, and the Women’s National Basketball. The NBA Finals in 2019 has its lowest number of audiences so far with approximately 15.14 million viewers.

Baseball and Softball

Both baseball and softball are America’s national pastime sports. These sports continuously receive remarkable attention from sports enthusiasts and lovers. MLB features players who are known for their famous antics. MLB has recorded about 198,000 viewers in July 2019, which is a 1% increase from its previous season.


Top-rated in Europe, soccer ranks fourth in the U.S. the Americans have shown significant interest in soccer in recent years. This interest has gone way past the MLS with the influx of some of the finest players in Europe such as Wayne Rooney and Ibrahimovic. The women’s World Cup Final in 2019 was viewed by 14.3 million fans.

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey serves as the home to youthful talents mostly from Canada and America. The majority of Americans could be a reasonable factor for the viewers earned by the sport. The NHL Stanley Cup games in 2019 were watched by approximately 5.33 million viewers.


Americans dominate tennis when it comes to the international scene. Thanks to the great contribution of the Williams sisters and a lot of the American players, tennis is included in the most popular sports in America list. The US Open and other tournaments have a significant number of viewers in times.


Another favorite pastime in the U.S. is the game of golf. It was Tiger Woods who brought this competitive sport to American sports’ fore. This has been competitive in several years as the intensity of the game increases and the attention it received also increased.

LAS VEGAS – SEPTEMBER 13: Shane Mosley throws a left-hand punch to the body of Oscar De La Hoya on September 13, 2003 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mosley defeated De La Hoya by unanimous decision. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)


Americans already show interest in boxing since the 20th century. Mohammed Ali has thrilled the fans with dramatic victories and records. Floyd Mayweather and the other boxers in the country continued their legacy in the 20th century. This has made the sport popular in the country and globally.


The prominence of motorsports has increased with the arrival of many young stars in this game. They helped build the interest of the Americans in motorsports. Formula One has been a crusader for racing lovers and followers out there. There are also NASCAR and the IndyCar Series.


Wrestling remains one of the most-watched sports in the country. Many celebrities in this sport have seen their fame rise leading Hollywood to beckon on them. Known as professional wrestling’s pinnacle, World Wrestling Entertainment serves as the major factor that has attracted millions of viewers to the sport. Pro wrestling events like All Elite Wrestling will help consolidate wrestling as one of the most famous sports in America.

Have you played or watched any of the most popular sports in America? Which one?

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