Unknown or More Niche Horror Movies

There are several scary movies we may all have known and seen. They are the popular ones and easy to list down when asked about these films. However, there are unknown or more niche horror movies that deserve your attention.

Top 10 More Niche Horror Films

Here are some movies you might want to watch if you are into scary flicks:

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

The movie draws on the sex appeal of its actresses. It shows off and signifies something that is inspiring for boys in doing crazy things. Critics consider it as a straightforward slasher movie with some unprecedented twists. The film stands out over films of a similar genre.

Ready Or Not

The premise of this bloody good time film is considered by many as a little weird. However, many critics say you will eventually get its benefits as the audience go along with it. It offers an ensemble of Adam Brody’s standout performance with a worthwhile payoff at the end.

Tigers Are Not Afraid

This film mines the real-life horrors of drug wars through a disturbing fairy tale. Its plot follows orphans who receive three wishes. It is regarded as one of the most recently released chilling movies. Based on real-life tragedies, it is frightening but not to the extent of exploiting these tragedies.


If you are a fan of thrills in a horror film, then Crawl is a film that you should never let pass to watch. The film offers a significant dose of shocks and tension. It features alligators that are lurking just nearby. It is entertaining to some audience though.

Suicide Club

Film critics and some audiences consider “Suicide Club” as a part of horror and part social commentary on Japan’s astronomical suicide rate. While some find the film too out of the blue, others can still manage its Japanese horror madness.

The Midnight Meat Train

It seems that this horror flick is a straightforward slasher type that is very original in its genre. The film is unexpected in its quality for its revelations throughout the film. This made this film strange to some.


Triangle is a highly recommended sci-fi, horror movie that became one of the all-time favorite films. It is a bloody, smart film that tries to fully understand what people may have just seen. It shows the murder of attractive people on an abandoned cruise ship. However, succeeding events get interesting as the time travel kicks.


Perhaps one of the most messed up movies in this genre, “Martyrs” offers profound themes operating through it. The film is among the most intelligent horror films despite all its bloodshed and butchery. Moviegoers feel churn in their stomachs as it lived up to its promise of making seasoned horror veterans flinch.


If you are that filmgoer who want to see a horror flick that is something new, “Splinter” can be a good one. Many find it a weird film, which is something that meets horror. According to some, this is an interesting movie since its enemy is the Splinter itself. Try to watch the entire film so you will fully understand its plot and scenes

The Ruins

Another interesting horror film is “The Ruins,” which tries to become a perfect flick and deserves a fair amount of points. The film is a goofy one that figures out who the bad guy really is. Its plot shows a group of young men and women who went exploring for Mayan ruins. Unfortunately, a curse manifesting in an unexpected form is what they found.

Bottomline of the Horror Films

There you go, you now have a list of the unknown or more niche horror movies waiting for your time to binge-watch. Enjoy, and let us know if we have the same views on one or more of these films.

Written by Stella Maris

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