Most Popular Discord Servers for Minecraft You Should Know

Doing online games is one of the hobbies people are into with the time being spent at home these days due to the pandemic. Minecraft then is among the notable sandbox games they play and most of them find a hub where they can interact after every game. Thanks to the Discord server, Minecraft players may now have a place to hang out, share ideas, and discuss some game strategies. But with so many servers today, which one should you join? This article will present you with the most popular Discord servers for a community of Minecraft gamers.

Top 5 Popular Discord Servers for Minecraft Gamers

Find a community and bond with fellow gamers where you can share your ideas about Minecraft with these servers:


With its 4.6 rating and over 33,000 members, no question why Mystic is among the top Discord servers. The all-around server offers giveaways associated with Minecraft. Its welcoming and vibrant community makes it appealing to gamers. It allows you to chat with the other members anytime and share your ideas and gameplay.

Mystic provides giveaways for the Anime games, which is favorable for those having them in their alley. Also, the server gives you access to Minecraft mods.

Purple Prison

Another Discord server with a massive appeal to new and old-time gamers is Purple Prison. The popularity of this server is attributable to its active chats around Minecraft 24/7. Members here are non-toxic with its strict guidelines and Discord bots checking every user against unnecessary posting and spam.

Purple Prison enables you to talk to other Minecraft players anywhere across the globe and discover new things about it. It offers giveaways for the subscribers of Discord Nitro premium.

Cosmic Craft

The great moderators and excellent features of Cosmic Craft make it the best server for Minecraft. This server outwits the other popular Discord servers with its daily giveaways for the premium Nitro subscribers of Discord. Discussions among gamers here are non-toxic as well. You will definitely find a home for Minecraft playing for its superb moderation feature.

Minecraft SMP

When it comes to support, Minecraft SMP is the best for this game. Members in this server are chill and will always be there to offer help. Among the usual topics discussed here are crossover set up between Java and SMP edition, and more. It is host to one of the largest communities in Minecraft with more than 63,000 members.

Minecraft SMP also has active chats for Among Us, Valheim, and Minecraft server players. You will have a friendly community of players of Minecraft and other games. Surely, you will build a circle of friends here.

The Vent

This server may have the best destination for various Minecraft enthusiasts. It serves as the best destination for Minecraft lovers. Here, you may create a group and rules governing your group. It does not have bots or members to moderate it. Its tools allow you to interact with those players in the community and play games. You may encounter kickbacks upon joining specific lobbies.

Also, this discord server enables you to connect and interact with the players of other game servers such as Among Us. This only indicates that you are way wide in the spectrum of your community in online gaming. Everyone is welcome here to chit chat everything among

With the specifications and reviews of the most popular Discord servers presented above, there’s always a community for you to join. Choose one where you can be comfortable and where you can share your ideas. Do you have any other servers to recommend? Let us know, we will be happy to hear it.

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