Most Popular Netflix Series to Binge-Watch Right Now

Looking for something interesting on the tube? The most popular Netflix series will not only take you to places you’ve never been but keep you thrilled to bits. Whether you are up to an out-of-this-world experience or heavy tearjerker, your subscription will surely never get wasted. Below are some of the famous series everyone has been talking about lately.

Who Killed Sara? (still new yet considered to be one of the most stimulating crime investigation Netflix series today)

If mystery-solving is your thing, then you’ve come to the right place. Who Killed Sara premiered not so long ago, yet it’s already gotten everyone’s attention. A fall guy to a crime he didn’t commit, now trying to blow the lid off the real culprit. The problem is, can he find traces of the actual suspect, now that it’s been 18 years since his incarceration? Do you want to help bring this to light? Keep still and do the detective work very intently. You might have the right guess on the next season. 

This Is a Robbery: The World’s Greatest Art Heist (a mini online series that will truly get you hooked on)

Beguiled by the lures of the cunning Robinhood in Money Heist? Here’s a documentary film that gets you to the next Da Vinci Code to crack. This notorious art heist has received not just the thumbs up from film critics. They, too, have grown fond of it. A crime of the century, this is something you don’t want to miss. Better invite some friends around and together be blown away by how these moonlighters encapsulate an unflinching heist. 

The Serpent (another crime Netflix series with sonorous online applause)

Created based on the true-life account of a serial killer and thief in disguise, Charles Sobhraj, this surely is a show for someone interested in homicide. Although by far, there have been lots of mystery series out there, this simply is one of the best Netflix programs you can binge-watch especially if you need some real thrill. The Serpent is the name given to Sobhraj as he’s got qualities of a serpent that would easily ensnare people and slip away from nasty situations. 

Family Reunion (a fun comedy series on new-age parenting and lifestyle adjustments)

For an urbanite going to the backwoods, lifestyle changes are a nightmare. Family Reunion details the goofy things the family of six has to go through to adopt the culture and traditions in their not-so-newfoundland where their extended family awaits. It centers most significantly on the compulsory weekend family bonding and the long church services everyone is required to attend. Side-splitting as it may seem, but there sure are good values to imbibe. 

New Girl (a situational comedy that never passes into oblivion)

Who says this long-running television show is no longer a hit especially on Netflix? A wacko teacher you think who doesn’t know any better isn’t a bummer after all. Her quirky moves and mischievous laughter will get you cracked up when life gets too serious. Come on, it’s good to have a hearty laugh once in a while, right? 

Community (a sitcom revolved around a study group in a community college)

Want something light and witty? Take a walk on the life of a disbarred law practitioner who found his way to Greendale Community College. Hilariously funny, Community offers a bunch of hysterical and cynical shenanigans that make your lazy evening bright and breezy. Episodes are quite a fit for the pop culture that you’ll enjoy.      

These are just a few of the most popular Netflix series that will help you drive the deadening night away. So stop overthinking about life that gets dreary sometimes. Just pop the loose corn in the oven, and get ready for a telethon. You deserve a night away from all your stressors, don’t you? 

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