Cynthia Nixon Defends 'And Just Like That's' Treatment of Steve, Discusses Whether Che's Comedy Is Funny

There is only one episode left in season 1 Sex and the City reboot, Just like thatFans have mixed feelings about the HBO Max series, especially Miranda Hobbes’ storyline. 

Cynthia Nixon, Miranda’s actress, spoke out on Thursday to defend the show’s choices. Andy Cohen: Live with Andy Cohen. The reboot sees Miranda end her marriage to Steve Brady (David Eigenberg), after she fell for Che Diaz (Sara Ramirez), a non-binary comedian, and podcast host. 

Nixon was asked by Cohen if Che Diaz’s standup comedy, which was featured many times during the season, is funny. 

Nixon laughed and said, “I think it is,” Miranda replied. 

Cohen, who was a guest on the original SATCHe also asked Nixon if he understands why some people are upset by the show’s treatment Steve, Miranda’s longtime love interest, who lived through both the movie and the show. 

“I do.” [understand]But that’s the problem with breakups. Nixon spoke out about her on-screen husband, saying that often there is one person who causes the breakup and the other who is reluctant. 

Cohen jokedly asked Steve why he seemed inexperienced with certain sexual acts. Nixon replied, “I think it has been a while.”

Nixon was able to authenticate Miranda’s struggle with alcoholism at the beginning of the season. 

It is my favorite thing. It’s a wonderful thing. WWHLMiranda in solidarity

You can see more of Miranda’s storyline in the video clip below. 


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