10 Popular Disney Songs Still at Music Charts Today

Whether you are a child or a kid at heart, you would never grow old with the most popular Disney songs. These songs from Disney movies are enjoyed from one generation to another. The tunes of their songs have already stood the test of time.

We bet you will sing along with the following songs from Disney films since its first movie until these days. Are you ready to feel the magical melodies brought by these songs?

Most Popular Disney Songs in Time

Get magical as we travel through time and reminisce our childhood years with Disney songs.

“Part of Your World” in “The Little Mermaid”

Angsty mermaid Ariel’s iconic theme “Part of Your World” has been decades splashing onto the scene of Disney princesses. The song progresses a storyline about heroism and the unmatched yearning of Ariel for human legs. It seems like an earworm that gets the whole family sing-along after the movie.

“Circle of Life” in ”The Lion King”

The movie’s empowering, emotional opener “Circle of Life” will never go out of style. It is first in a film that is full of pop culture-centered songs. Surely you have all its feels from the first note until its last.

“A Whole New World” in “Aladdin”

Perhaps you can’t help joining Aladdin and Princess Jasmine on their enchanted journey while “A Whole New World” lets you into their world. The tune of the song fills your curiosity and excitement about what it describes as the dazzling places people didn’t know.

Elsa – Disney – Frozen

“Let It Go” in “Frozen”

You’ve probably heard Elsa singing “Let It Go” the nth times. Apart from capturing children’s hearts, her reign continues everyone’s playlists and TV screens. The spectacular song became an instant classic since the release of “Frozen” in 2013.

“Beauty and the Beast” in “Beauty and the Beast”

“Beauty and the Beast” is a tale as old as time. You swoon over the tune of this delightful romantic song as Belle and the Beast dance for the first time in his palace. Everything is magical with the stunning scenes with Mrs. Potts.

“Reflection” in “Mulan”

The emotional track “Reflection” resonates with the struggle of Mulan in trying to serve in the war against a ruthless emperor in place for his ailing father. It signifies the life experience of being lost.

“Colors of the Wind” in “Pocahontas”

Power ballad “Colors of the Wind” conveys a significant message with regards to respect on earth. Pocahontas here teaches people to embrace diversity in every way of life. Such a touching song for all.

“When You Wish Upon a Star” in “Pinocchio”

Disney’s national anthem “When You Wish Upon a Star” is one of the classics hence its label. The song embodies possibilities, timelessness, and magic – everything Disney. This makes it a legendary track for the production company.

“Hakuna Matata” in “The Lion King”

The mantra of staying relaxed, chilling out, and going with the flow in “Hakuna Matata” is so wonderful. Simba’s encounter with dynamic duo Pumba and Timon gives this jovial jam a new perspective.

“How Far I’ll Go” in “Moana”

Disney Princess’ power ballad “How Far I’ll Go” of Moana follows that of “Let It Go.” It follows the clever trepidation of Moana into her sense of adventure and excitement. You probably belt out its final chorus so load, right?

Each song in the list offers everyone a gift full of emotion, nostalgia, and fun. These popular Disney songs keep the entire family entertained at home. They are the Disney goodness that allows you to transport right back to when you first hear them. We would be happy to hear your favorite among them.

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